Thursday, 12 February 2009

Real Snow

Well.... Hans' Aunt Britt sent me a photo of the current snow in their part of Norway... (edit 15.05.14: this is my picture, not the one Britt sent - after Picassa deleted all my photos I found this one)

Kirkenær snow... not fair :(

Makes our England snow look a bit...hmm...crap. BUT it's still the best snow we have had for ages and ages and ages - since I was 9 years old :) I am ignoring the fact that it has dissapeared now and we are left with the standard english grey clouds and rain/drizzle.

Still really missing Norway - everyone keeps asking me how it went over there and the more I talk about it the more I miss it! I am more and more excited to think that in a couple of years I will be preparing to move there (REALLY need to start studying the language again)

I have been so busy here lately - started back at uni full time, back at work, not to mention the cooking and cleaning and attempting to get to the gym... not really settled into a routine yet so will have to sort myself out and fast.

Speaking of which, have to go and cook now!