Saturday, 4 April 2009

What I've been up to!

I know it's been ages since I posted. Truthfully I have just been so busy (and a little sick) but I have medication now and an extension for my uni work so in both cases things are looking up.

I have been very busy though, lots of projects going on with uni and (most) of them are really fun but take up alot of time! One of my projects is a brochure (though I'm doing a book) on Phobias - I'm doing it sort of in the style of a dictionary and it's going to be an exploration of typography and print / materials.

This week I have spend DAYS creating my own fonts for this book; I found a website where you can do this online (and for the moment it's completely free) It's not an in depth font creation programme so you can't spend time on kerning and the more technical side of typography but for a free programme it's really really cool. The address is

These are some of the fonts I have made (click the image for a better look) I think the site is mostly meant for people to make their own handwriting into a font but for what I needed it was great. I will invest in a font creation programme at some point in the future as typography is a side of design that I love, but for now this is fine!

Other than that there has not been alot going on apart from work (I havent really even been training that much, which I hate) Just been so busy - I have hardly studied Norwegian at all which is really nagging at me - I had a dream the other night that my little niece was speaking fluent Norwegian and I was still stumpbling my way through sentences. It's frustrating me obviously! I'll get there - there are so many things I need to get sorted right now it's quite stressful - As amazing an experience the exchange to Norway was I feel in a way that I have lost 6 months here - so many things were stopped in their tracks and I havent managed to pick them up yet. I guess I lost my routine. I am a person who thrives on routine and order in a way so it's been a bit much.

I am glad I went though, as time goes on the memories become even more rose tinted you know how it goes. I miss my friends the most, but I have had a few nightmares that I have woken up back in that grotty dive Fantoft! I miss Norway generally too, the place - but I do prefer the East. I know I'll be back there soon so no worries - and I plan to visit Bergen as well. See Maria et al and Anita!

Anyway I have to go - I am actually training today and then back to work (oh, on another good note one of my lecturers recommended me to some 3rd year photography students to help design their degree show material) so I am working on that too - it's nice to be recommended and a good opportunity for me to 'network'. I want to do a good job for them, they're a nice bunch. Tiny budget though. Aarrggh.

I shall try and make a slot to post on my blog every saturday just so I can keep this up to date. Fingers crossed!

Bye x