Thursday, 8 October 2015

Update - a year or more later

Well, it's been over a year (again)

What a year it has been, sometimes things still haven't really sunk in for me.

Some stuff happened between Hans going to Norway and me leaving to join him 6 weeks later, but I think that I shut down a bit and just went on autopilot, especially after the bunnies left to go to Cuddly Critters.

Update on the buns:
The last we heard, both had been re-homed. Boo has a new husbun called Romeo, and Penny also has a mate.

Boo and Romeo

Penny and her new friend

So, it did work out for them. But we still miss them terribly. Since being in Norway (15 months almost!) we first adopted a bunny from my new boss - originally called Popcorn, we discovered that he was a she and we named her Sue (A Boy Named Sue) but sadly just 2 months later, Sue passed away. We don't know why exactly, but she was a few years old already so may have been just her time. Another very sad time. At that point, I was ready to give up having bunnies.

Lovely little Sue, RIP
We took Sue and buried her out in the forest on one of our favourite walks, so we go and pay our respects every so often.

THEN - A few weeks later, we saw 2 bunnies that were up for adoption here in Horten. I was very upset and wasn't sure if I wanted to get more, but Hans was even worse as he was still looking for work at this point and was at home a lot with no bunnies at all. As soon as I saw the pictures of the bunnies, I knew we had to try to give them a good home. So we called - and were put in contact with their previous owner. Then one thing led to another and 5 year old Edvard and his 4 year old daughter Mumfie came to live with us.

Mumfie and Eddie

 So they are still with us, all settled in and very happy. So this was a quick update on my lunch about the bunnies :) hopefully won't be another year until my next one.