Friday, 23 May 2014

Possible problems with moving the Bunnies

Oh no.... Possible hiccup with taking the rabbits along...

(Just a short post as I'm on my lunch break)

Hans rang the Norwegian Mattilsynet to double check we had everything we need, and also to check an odd line on the 'Import of Rabbits' form (which to be honest I had thought might have been a translation mistake. One point on the form reads that the Fit to Fly certificate confirms that the rabbits:

'Have not been vaccinated against myxomatosis or rabbit viral haemorrhagic disease (RVHD)'

Being responsible pet owners, we have our bunnies vaccinated yearly as recommended with Nobivac Myxo-RHD Vaccine. Apparently the form is right - we technically can't take the bunnies because they HAVE been vaccinated!

Hans was told to email the district office, explaining that they are house rabbits and have never been outdoors. Hopefully they will give us special dispensation to bring them along. Fingers seriously tightly crossed as we will be so sad to leave them behind. I can't even think about it.


Edit: I have booked the bunnies in for a blood test next week to text for Myxo and RVHD, hopefully official lab results showing them as clean will help our case. Apparently we need to include this in our import form anyway.