Friday, 7 November 2008


Just wanted to share these videos that Hans showed me on You Tube... a bit silly but really made me laugh!!! watch them, they are really funny and will make you laugh!

Ha ha, thanks Hans xx

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

It's good to have great friends...

Especially old friends that you have had for years! Friendships are like alot of things - they come and go sadly, but there are always 1 or 2 people you hope to know for your whole life - I am working away right now and trying to write my 'oppgave' (it's sort of like a statement to justify my work) For a moments respite, I wrote to Hannah on MSN and the conversation made me laugh out loud to myself so I had to share it;

ME: "i cant believe i am writing about ecological gardening in norway in the 1980s! If you told me that 6 years ago I would have handed you another hallucinogenic cocktail"
HANNAH: "mate, i'm crocheting a pair of 1980's legwarmers with some foul green yarn someone has given me - for my sister, and yes she will wear them"
ME: "What happened to us?!"
HANNAH "I know!!"
ME: "...those funky rock chicks drinking black russians; me jumping around to Fear Factory - you prancing about to Guns'N'Roses..."
HANNAH: "I think I would still do that now!"
ME: "Me too... would take a couple of black russians though - and a hallucinogenic cocktail"
HANNAH: "I banned Phil from making cocktails after he made a foul one one new years eve with a pickled onion in it - made him sick all the next day, i'd never known him to be sick with a hangover before..."

Ha ha! the good old days - in all serious though, it's great to reminicse; as well as making you smile it makes you realise just how far you have come - even if you are not exactly where you want to be right now (or more to the point, not with who you want to be with)

Thanks for all the good times, Hannah and Phil - we had such a laugh!


New day, New Course... 45 days

Oh well, It's a new day!

I have started back at the school now, and we are embarking on an interesting project; to re-design a book. I have chosen '√łkologisk hagebruk'. Cant be bothered to talk about it now but I am sure I will update as soon as I have some ideas!

I got to school early to day (amazing for me) about 8:40 i think - i was under the impression that we started at 9:00 (as per usual) but apparantly my Norwegian skills aren't sharp enough yet to pick up 'dear students - due to the American Presidential Election, come in at 10:00 tomorrow'. Could have had a lie in.

Anyway, there was no-one else around so I wandered off around the school and took a couple of pictures of the place, it's a beautiful old builing - sure a little messy at times but hey! it's an art school! I am sure I will want to look back and remember the school too, as knowing my memory I wil start to forget around...hmm January 10th 2009!#

Pretty stained glass windows feature in the main stairway

About to go up the stairs!

The awesome view down the stairs!

View towards the town from the front windows

The view from the back of the school - the houses nestled
on the bottom of the mountain slopes. Beautiful.

Monday, 3 November 2008

Don't you just hate it when... try and talk to someone about something and they completely brush it off? I do. Really bugs me and makes and already tetchy mood worse..... nevermind.

I have just had a tough couple of days I guess, and as before I am not sleeping very well. I think it's because when I eventually switch everything off and turn down the lights and wait for sleep to come, that's the time when I feel most alone here. It hits me again every single night that I am in a strange (and horribly thin) bed, without the familiar warmth of Hans behind me. I have to fight not to get back up and do something - I have even started to get dressed a couple of times with the idea of going for a walk (and even a run) before I realise it would be pretty dangerous to do that at 2 or 3 in the morning. I love night time anyway, I really do - I always have... everthing looks so beautiful and there is a silence that you never get in the day. No-one is around. And feeling so restless coupled with such wonderful nature here in Norway is a bad mix - I often want to walk and be outdoors when it is dark more so than when it's light. Maybe it's one of the reasons I love winter more than Summer.

When I was around 19 or 20 I think, I used to go out every week with a couple of friends and particularly in winter I used to feel the same as this - the problem back then was I was drinking too (and as certain friends can testify) I occasionally used to leave the clubs and decide I was going for a 'walk'. I never knew where or why but all I had in my head was a desire to be on my own and leave the town, streets and houses behind - I just wanted to walk and find countryside, fields, trees - no idea what I would have done if I ever got there.

I think its one of the reasons I want to work for myself too - I hate the day sometimes for taking my nights away from me! I have energy at night and always without fail get the majority of my work done between 8pm-2am. I could work later too if I didn't have to be up to fit in with the 'normal' working day.

If I am honest, I am starting to resent feeling like this. I am somewhere I have always wanted to be (though not in the circumstances I would choose) and I am trying to find something (or someone) to blame my restlessness on. I was always so independant so why am I acting like such a wet sock??? I just feel like I want to disappear sometimes.

I start back on the course tomorrow - I am looking forward to it I guess - not only for having work to do so I keep busy (and therefore time goes quicker) but also to be out and about and doing stuff. Since I got back from my holiday in England I have been pretty much stuck in this room - I have been to the gym a few times and seen a couple of friends but it's not enough. You need to keep occupied. I guess thats my problem. I hope it is anyway!

Anyway, I am going to leave it at that

Sunday, 2 November 2008

On Any Given Night...

One of my favourite songs right now, by 36 Crazyfists. It always makes me think of Hans... it's a beautiful song anyway, with great lyrics - I love it!

"this could be the hardest thing to leave without a single trace.
Here without you
Here without you, I fall apart.
I fall apart...

when its over
Turn down the lights,
dont wait for me
I’m pretty sure I won't be coming home tonight
(we’ll place these stars inside our hearts)
Turn down the lights,
dont wait for me
I’m pretty sure I won't be coming home tonight

this could be the hardest thing to leave without a single trace.
Here without you
Here without you, I fall apart.
I fall apart"