Monday, 2 February 2009

This is England!

I think I brought a little bit of weather back from Norway (well, hardly in comparison) but I have really started to miss being in Norway, so the recent wonderful weather here has been somewhat of a comfort; (or as the newspapers are putting it, the worst snowfall to blight England in 18 years!)

I decided to take a slow walk home from uni today (yes I am back at uni now!) so took a few pics to upload as it is a bit of a rare occurance - to be honest it's not a particularly large amount of snow in the city - but some parts of the country - particularly rural England - have LOTS of snow - it's still going too and apparantly will be with us for a few days...

The view from our apartment

Derby University

I am really missing Norway though, I sometimes wish we could just go back there now (together!) but it's not the right time... I am missing everyone, especially Anita, Maria and her family (and the cats!) it will be so nice when I get to see them again. I am pleased to be back at my university though - it's such a great experience to be on an exchange programme but I do prefer the style of learning more here - I guess I will talk more about that as the semester goes on!