Saturday, 4 April 2009

What I've been up to!

I know it's been ages since I posted. Truthfully I have just been so busy (and a little sick) but I have medication now and an extension for my uni work so in both cases things are looking up.

I have been very busy though, lots of projects going on with uni and (most) of them are really fun but take up alot of time! One of my projects is a brochure (though I'm doing a book) on Phobias - I'm doing it sort of in the style of a dictionary and it's going to be an exploration of typography and print / materials.

This week I have spend DAYS creating my own fonts for this book; I found a website where you can do this online (and for the moment it's completely free) It's not an in depth font creation programme so you can't spend time on kerning and the more technical side of typography but for a free programme it's really really cool. The address is

These are some of the fonts I have made (click the image for a better look) I think the site is mostly meant for people to make their own handwriting into a font but for what I needed it was great. I will invest in a font creation programme at some point in the future as typography is a side of design that I love, but for now this is fine!

Other than that there has not been alot going on apart from work (I havent really even been training that much, which I hate) Just been so busy - I have hardly studied Norwegian at all which is really nagging at me - I had a dream the other night that my little niece was speaking fluent Norwegian and I was still stumpbling my way through sentences. It's frustrating me obviously! I'll get there - there are so many things I need to get sorted right now it's quite stressful - As amazing an experience the exchange to Norway was I feel in a way that I have lost 6 months here - so many things were stopped in their tracks and I havent managed to pick them up yet. I guess I lost my routine. I am a person who thrives on routine and order in a way so it's been a bit much.

I am glad I went though, as time goes on the memories become even more rose tinted you know how it goes. I miss my friends the most, but I have had a few nightmares that I have woken up back in that grotty dive Fantoft! I miss Norway generally too, the place - but I do prefer the East. I know I'll be back there soon so no worries - and I plan to visit Bergen as well. See Maria et al and Anita!

Anyway I have to go - I am actually training today and then back to work (oh, on another good note one of my lecturers recommended me to some 3rd year photography students to help design their degree show material) so I am working on that too - it's nice to be recommended and a good opportunity for me to 'network'. I want to do a good job for them, they're a nice bunch. Tiny budget though. Aarrggh.

I shall try and make a slot to post on my blog every saturday just so I can keep this up to date. Fingers crossed!

Bye x

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Real Snow

Well.... Hans' Aunt Britt sent me a photo of the current snow in their part of Norway... (edit 15.05.14: this is my picture, not the one Britt sent - after Picassa deleted all my photos I found this one)

Kirkenær snow... not fair :(

Makes our England snow look a bit...hmm...crap. BUT it's still the best snow we have had for ages and ages and ages - since I was 9 years old :) I am ignoring the fact that it has dissapeared now and we are left with the standard english grey clouds and rain/drizzle.

Still really missing Norway - everyone keeps asking me how it went over there and the more I talk about it the more I miss it! I am more and more excited to think that in a couple of years I will be preparing to move there (REALLY need to start studying the language again)

I have been so busy here lately - started back at uni full time, back at work, not to mention the cooking and cleaning and attempting to get to the gym... not really settled into a routine yet so will have to sort myself out and fast.

Speaking of which, have to go and cook now!

Monday, 2 February 2009

This is England!

I think I brought a little bit of weather back from Norway (well, hardly in comparison) but I have really started to miss being in Norway, so the recent wonderful weather here has been somewhat of a comfort; (or as the newspapers are putting it, the worst snowfall to blight England in 18 years!)

I decided to take a slow walk home from uni today (yes I am back at uni now!) so took a few pics to upload as it is a bit of a rare occurance - to be honest it's not a particularly large amount of snow in the city - but some parts of the country - particularly rural England - have LOTS of snow - it's still going too and apparantly will be with us for a few days...

The view from our apartment

Derby University

I am really missing Norway though, I sometimes wish we could just go back there now (together!) but it's not the right time... I am missing everyone, especially Anita, Maria and her family (and the cats!) it will be so nice when I get to see them again. I am pleased to be back at my university though - it's such a great experience to be on an exchange programme but I do prefer the style of learning more here - I guess I will talk more about that as the semester goes on!

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

A few pictures from Christmas...

The scenery this Christmas was just as beautiful as previous years - although alot of the snow had dissapeared by the time we arrived from Bergen.

We went ice fishing (again) and I attempted to skate (again) Ice fishing is a typical thing in winter. I love doing this its such an experience for an english city girl, so amazing.. there were no other sounds around for miles it was so beautiful and peaceful... maybe too quiet at times when you can here the thunderous cracks of the ice breaking!

Hans' uncle Finn - looking very much the image of a typical 'outdoorsy' Norwegian 

Hans here, enjoying some ice fishing...

Monday, 19 January 2009

Hello and Happy New Year!

Well it's a bit late, but Happy New Year to everybody!

It's been a while since I posted, but after getting back to England I needed a break from everything that had happened the last few months and to concentrate on Hans and my home and getting settled back into my routines! I shall be catching up on my friends blogs (had a holiday from those too, sorry!)

It's getting there now, and Bergen sometimes feels like a dream - I have mixed feelings - I miss Norway generally (but then I always do!) and I really, really miss the friends I made sooo much - but I don't miss living at Fantoft (I have even had nightmares that I am back in that room!) and to be honest I am not missing the school yet - in fact I am really looking forward to getting back to uni next Monday and seeing all my friends and my more familiar teachers. Anyway, I shall save this stuff for a proper post reflecting on the experience - I have a feeling that over time and the more I get settled back into things here my feelings on the exchange will change... we shall see. I really miss the internet connection speed though. ALOT.

So, I have changed the name of the blog from 'Lost in Translations' to 'There and Back Again' which is apt, since I have been there and am now back again... and it is also part of the name of Bilbos book in Lord of The Rings. Ha ha, still a geek. I changed the name because I feel that the blog itself has changed - I focussed before specifically on the exchange and now it will be more general - about my life and studies and learning the language and hopefully a way to keep updated and in contact with my friends in the North, as well as friends here and any other person who happens to find this interesting!

So again, happy new year!