Saturday, 18 October 2008

Kirkenær (East Norway) øst-Norge

Hmm, I have an engligh laptop so I use the shortcuts to put in the extra Norwegian Letters... don't know how to capitalise them...

on my keyboard they're:
æ = alt + 0230
å = alt + 0229
ø = alt + 0248
just in case anyone wondered :)

Had a few pictures from Kirkenær (Hans' home town) from summer - i am just going to upload them. It's so beautiful there, and he's very lucky to have grown up there. As beautiful as Bergen is, with it's dramatic coastline (and even more dramatic weather) I love the eastern part of Norway even more, the colours are absolutely beautiful throughout the year and then in winter with the snow it's even more stunning. There are rolling fields and lakes, rivers and hills too - and especially from what I have seen around Kirkenær itself it's so quiet and peaceful... I guess the scenery is a little more like the countryside in England - particularly the Lake District - so maybe I love it so much because it's a pleasant blend of home and Norway to me. Also I guess I am biased towards Hans' hometown too :)

One of the views from the porch at the front of Han's mothers house

A look back over where we had just walked - it's the end of
Summer and the fields are full and golden

The man himself - we were on the way back from the 'Health Spa/Badelunsj'
at Finnskogtoppen and stopped here for coffee... he tried to no
avail to teach me how to skim stones!

More pictures above and below of one of our walks along the Rive Glåma

This one particularly reminds me of England...
on a short walk very near Hans' Mothers House

I have not seen South Norway or North Norway yet and have heard good things (I am really keen to see the North, I think maybe that would captivate me the most) I REALLY want to see the Northern Lights, I would be so happy to see them. People have told me that they can sometimes be seen here in Bergen, so maybe I'll be lucky - who knows? I am peeling my eyes since I heard that and will be keeping them peeled until Christmas... it would be annoying if the appear over the period I am home for... but when all is said and done I would rather see Hans!

Friday, 17 October 2008

3 days to go!!! (63 til end of semester)

I really, really, really can't wait to see Hans! Of course there are so many other people that I am looking forward to seeing, including my little hamsters (and saying goodbye to Junior) but I can't begin to describe how hard it is to be away from Hans for so long.

I have handed in the animation project and apart from tying up a few loose ends I am looking forward to some days of relaxing, not working and just being with the people that matter and thinking about the things I love.

We are such an odd couple; with a constant need to put random things on our heads...
maybe that's why we are so perfect together :)

Talking about things I love, below are some pictures from when we were in Kirkenær together in late Summer, before my little adventure to the west coast of Norway - I am always amazed at how many different shades of the same colour I can find in one place!

Thursday, 16 October 2008

Finally finished the animation!

This is just a quick post to get the final version of my 8 second After Effects Animation up - I have finally finished this project so hopefully will have a little more time to post properly, I haven't done the last few weeks as I have been so busy (and also unwell, but that too is hopefully sorted)

Anyway - I hope you like the animation. I was a little concerned about it at one point as it just wasn't looking anything like the idea that I had in my head - but as usual (and as Hans has commented before about his own work) it usually looks rubbish right up until the last day or 2! It worked out ok I think!

Thanks to all my friends (and a huge thanks to Hans) for all the support and advice they have given me over this - I have had good feedback from the teacher and classmates, but there is nothing like the brutal honesty of friends :)

Cheers Guys!


Having fun with the language! Norwegian - English - Beckywegian

One of the best things about being in a new place and learning the language is to be able to laugh about it! It really helps to try and get past feeling so self concious about trying to say things (which I always do - especially when I don't know people very well!) I think to have the ability to look at the mistakes you make/have made/will make/ or possibly could make and just be able to laugh at the whole business will get you through andmake you more relaxed in future!

As an example, I was at the doctors here and it was obviously came as a bit of a surprise when I asked him to speak English (because 'jeg forstå ikke så god Norsk') It was no problem though of course, and absolutely fine for him to explain things to me and ask questions - and then it came to the dreaded question that doctors always ask; you know the one about 'is everything ok with your bowel movements?' Anyway, the conversation went almost exactly along the lines of;

"have you been to the toilet today?"
"yes I have"

(the Doctor stopped for a minute and his forehead creased while he searched for the right words)
"and when you went to the toilet, did you take a crap?"

Despite being in pain I just couldn't stop from laughing, and then so did he! It was a definite ice breaker anyway - and so funny! I can't imagine a Doctor in England ever asking me that!

I told my friend Maria about this later on and she said that it probably translated right in Norwegian - but the words just have slightly different meanings in the 2 languages - or different situations in which they are suitable...

That conversation led on to Maria, Anita and myself discussing some of the words in Norwegian that I probably shouldn't use so often - it actually got quite silly but it was hilarious and I don't think I have laughed so much since I have been here! I told them about when I first started learning Norwegian and Hans (being Hans) told me that the Norwegian word for 'please' was 'rævskjegg' - which translates roughly to 'anal beard' (Thanks Hans!) I am SO glad he corrected me before I met his mum for the first time, things could have gone very badly! Anyway - this obviously made them laugh and started us on a silly task of listing the some similar words and suitable situations I could use them in, and who it would be appropriate to say them to!

Anyway, the list has been put up by the side of my desk at the school so we can add to it as and when a new word emerges! I took a picture of it but it's not very good quality as I took it on my phone.

I won't go into the words and what they mean - it wouldn't be very polite of me! but we came to the conclusion that most of them were unsuitable to say to your bestemor (grandmother) and none of them at all would be acceptable to say to Kongen / Dronning (the King and Queen) It was so funny anyway, really made me giggle :D

One last thing I remember language wise, was the last time I was invited to Marias' for the evening (I know they wont mind me saying) her partner, Jan Ove, turned to me with a bottle in his hand and I think he asked me if it was pronounced;


(it was a bottle of Worcestershire Sauce) We laughed alot about that one too! I can't really hold that against anyone though, it is a weird word with strange pronuciation at the best of times!

Monday, 13 October 2008

Almost done! (8 days to go!)

Tomorrow will be exactly a week before I go home to see Hans - I can't wait. I am so lucking forward to a holiday and I really feel like I need one after the last few weeks. Just to sit, relax, spend time with Hans and catch up with friends and family - nothing like it!

I had a word today with both my course tutor for the motion graphics and the head of my year - I explained that I had been ill and gave them a copy of the sick note. They were so sympathetic and I feel tons better now I have gotten it off my chest and explained why I have not been myself lately. They both actually commented that under the circumstances they think I have done really well with the project - especially considering I was working on the Rycon Project at the same time.

Anyway - the animation part is almost finished (I have one or 2 finisheing touches to do) and I also need to add sound now and then I should be there.... I hope.

I wanted to do a bit more with the characters, but I had the issue of time and overcomplicating things so I think it is going to be left how it is - a couple of friends saw it today and laughed so at's doing it's job - making people laugh!

Anyway, another early night for me - still not 100%