Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Bergen by night

I haven't taken many pictures at night (purely for the reason that the camera doesn't like it) I managed to get a couple of ok ones when I went to the gym with Ida on Sunday - though it wasnt actually night technically - it was about 5pm.

The Christmas Tree out on the water in Sentrum
A boat all lit up at the port
The decorated trees surrounding the water, and the houses lighting up the mountainside
Ida getting impatient!
Some of the lovely buildings in Sentrum
A restaurant I always think looks quaint :)
The Christmas Stars on the main street

Monday, 15 December 2008


I was in Bergen yesterday, an area of the city I don't normally visit often so I thought I would take some pictures as it's a pretty area and I don't actually have that many of Bergen itself.

View towards Bergen Centre from Johannes Kirke

Johannes Kirke (I think it's called that)

Pretty cobbled streets - very common here

Bergen Museaum (not yet visited - will try and visit with Hans at the weekend.
They have a whale skelton!) it's HUGE apparantly...

Outside the museum

The 'posh' houses, a really pretty street I thought.

I took some more at night but I will do another post for that at somepoint.