Tuesday, 2 December 2008


I was reading about some of the design related awards on the D&AD blog and came across the Uniqlo Clock you can see on the right - I just thought it was so cool I had to find it and add it. You can download it as a screensaver and as a widget, it's a constant accurate clock (you can set it to your time) with the dancers dancing constantly I just thought it was beautiful. Apparantly it does something special on the hour too so I shall have to keep an eye out :)

It has sound too if you want to hear it (and I would recommend listening to it to add to the effect of the dancers) but I added it to the blog to be automatically silent... if you are anything like me being taken by surprise by music and moving images on website can be annoying unless I actually want to watch / listen to stuff. Same reason I don't like purely flash websites - and not at all because I don't know how to make them ;)
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