Sunday, 10 August 2008

An eventful day...

Well on another subject, I've had quite an eventful day.

Even though it was awkward something good came out of meeting with my mum; my dad died when I was a baby and my mum was just 6 weeks pregnant with my brother. It was a horrible accident at work, and he was only very young - early twenties I think.

Anyway, for reasons I will probably never know, my mums side of the family and my dads side of the family lost contact after his death - I don't think it was deliberate, maybe a gradual thing, but I was so young I can't remember and even if I did I probably wouldn't have got it. I have thought about my dad alot over the years, and tried on and off to find my relatives on the internet - never very seriously though as I didn't have a clue where to start. My mum really doesn't like to talk about the whole thing and always changes the subject (fair or not? I don't know, maybe not). So it has been on my mind alot recently, and when we met up I took the opportunity to push the topic a bit with her - she eventually told me the name of one of my cousins she could remember.

To cut a long story short, I came home that evening (the same evening that I had a migraine) now, I always act really weird when a migraine comes on - almost like I have had a drink -I'm just not with it. So I got in and sent a blanket email to everyone on facebook with the same name as my cousin (I didn't really have much hope - I just thought I might as well) I got a few emails back from various people - 'sorry we are not who you are looking for', but then late last night I read my emails again and I had a reply from what I managed to confirm was my cousin!

We sent a few emails back and forth, giving a little information about each other - it was really nice! I was really nervous about it though, and thought it might be nice to keep emailing and writing while I'm in Norway, and then by the time I come back both parties may be ready to meet. However, my cousin was so friendly and welcoming, and after a few emails we have arranged to meet for a coffee tomorrow! I am not even that nervous as she came across as such a nice person, so I'm really looking forward to meeting her. I told her I couldn't remember my dad, and that I had no photos whatsoever, so she sent a picture to my phone of my dad holding me as a baby - it was so amazing it made me cry! my nan is still alive to which is amazing, as my mum said she thought she was dead (nice!) and I also have 3 uncles, aunts, lots of cousins and second cousins too I think - the cousin I am meeting tomorrow has a really gorgeous 10 month old baby aswell, so I'm really looking forward to meting her, and over the next few months try and make contact with my close family who I haven't seen for almost 25 years!

I have told Rob aswell, and he was really excited too - I think we have both always had something missing out of our lives as far as our dad is concerned. We have a step-father and 5 half brothers and sisters who we both love as much as each other - but still, it's nice to know that my dad, who's life was cut so horribly short, still has a family who (although it is difficult to comprehend right now) are directly blood related to us - our family too.

I'll have to keep updated with this too, I will take it slowly and see how it goes, but it has made me feel really happy already. I am very grateful for how forthcoming and sweet my cousin has been. Thank you!

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