Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Second line = 1 eighth!!! (and more silly Bek Humour)

I am on the second line of my 'Hans Calendar'... remember the one I drew to count down the days until I see Hans? (and of course, all my family and friends too!) well there are 8 and a bit lines of days on it and I have crossed off all of the top line now...

...that means I am about an eighth of the way through my exchange trip (no Lorna I'm not wishing the time away!) but I just need to do the last 2 weeks 8 more times and I'll see you all again. It helps to have a goal you see, I'm sure you understand.


(I'll probably post again later - I'm off to try out the Thai Boxing tonight with Ida...)

Oh, and this pic really made me laugh when I saw it - and not very hungry!

fail owned pwnd pictures

And another favourite from www.english.com

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