Saturday, 11 October 2008

God bless the NHS / My animation so far - UPDATE!!!

It was a pretty eventful day yesterday!

I love Trivium by the way.

I guess a good place to start is that I am not crazy! I have been feeling so tired and down and generally unwell the last 2 weeks - I have been unable to wake in the mornings despite going to bed earlier and I have been looking more and more like a piece of poop everyday. Every time I tried to go to the gym after 5 minutes I looked like I was working out in a sauna (tried to convince myself it was the elevation but I knew it wasn't!!) my body was trying to sweat something nasty out - I even had a word with my head tutor wednesday and told her I felt like I wasn't making the most of this and maybe I am not coping with the pressure - I mean I definately felt like that this week. The last few dys (starting really last weekend at Marias) I have been having pretty bad lower stomach pains on and off - so the started to worry more about what was wrong. Yesterday the pain got worse again so I ended up taking myself off to the emergency doctors (turns out it's pretty much like A&E) in England. Anyway after waiting 4 hours I was seen by a doctor who seemed to know what the problem was pretty fast - they did a couple of tests and turns out I have a pretty nasty infection (UTI) that had started to get into my Kidneys :O So, no wonder I have not been myself! I have to take antibiotics for a week, but I should be feeling myself after a few days - I am glad that I know whats wrong now and I'm on the way to fixing it...

The consultation / diagnosis cost about £25 and then I had to pay about another £13 for the prescription (or as people here call it when they talk to me in english 'a recipe' which is such a cute way of putting it I may start saying it myself; 'well the doctor didn't know what was wrong - but he did give me a lovely recipe...') I also payed my rent and utilities yesterday so turned out to be an expensive day! So, I shall certainly appreciate the NHS benefits when I am back in England - although the doctors and the treatment here was very good (and thorough too - no 'take paracetomol and come back in a week if you don't feel any better')

Anyway - I still feel crappy but I started taking my meds last night so hopefully by the end of the weekend I will be myself again. I am going to relax this weekend and not do anything apart from work on my animation, which is fortunately not very taxing)

Speaking of which, here is a clip of the animation so far - it's come on alot from the photos but there is still alot to do - I have lots of fine tuning, bits to change and the ending yet to do - but I shall leave the ending as a suprise.

To end on a happier note, Maria said yesterday that all of the family really liked having me there at the weekend - that was a such a nice thing to say and made me very happy! and the feeling was more than mutual - like I have said before it's a lovely place to be! Tusen takk, Maria!

I have a really strong urge to watch Lord of The Rings (pt1)

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