Monday, 20 October 2008


well today is an in-betweeny day I think; yesterday marked exactly half way through the Erasmus Exchange and tomorrow is the day I go home for a holiday.

The tough thing is I am only letting myself think about going home and seeing Hans and everyone else, I am not thinking about coming back! Maybe it is going to be harder to come back than I though, although saying that when I am back there will only be 6 weeks left...

I can do it - I know I can. I will be proud of what I have done afterwards. I just wish Hans could be here with me and that I could living in a nicer place - that would be perfect. I love to be in Norway, but as I have said many times before the thing I love about Norway above everything else is still in England!

Many people I have spoken to think it's actually quite funny; I am English and in Norway and Hans is Norwegian and in England - seperated temporarily from each other but we know what we're doing (I think) No pain no gain, and all that.

At least I am in a beautiful country and have some good friends here - it makes it all so much easier .

I have waffled enough
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