Monday, 10 November 2008

Lastest project - book design

Just thought I would post a bit about my latest project - bok design (book design - not a hard Norwegian phrase even for me!)

The basic task was to go out and find a book, and re-design it. It's actually pretty fun, I love this kind of stuff - but we don't have very long to do it! I found an old book (almost as old as me!) calle økologisk design (ecological gardening) and this is the one I have decided to re-do!

As you can see (it is kind of 'quaint' and has a quality to it) but it is also very outdated (and as my friend put it - it looks like a childrens book) I haven't started on the inside yet - although I have plans! but here is what I have done so far for the cover;

Redesign of the book title - I decided that it would suit the theme of the book to actually make the title out of soil! It turned out good, although I don't have the best camera in the world! It took a whole night (with the aid of online TV and a glass of wine) to make the stencil and glue all the soil into the letters - but it was worth it - I am happy with the way it turned out. You can click on the picture to see it in more detail;

The plan for the front of the book is to have it very simple - the title and a simple image only. After loads of sketches I decided on the idea of having a little sapling and some roots (with natural and earthy colours) and then on the back of the book the sapling will have grown to a full size plant (symbolising that this book will have you growing your own garden by the end of it)



So there is still alot to do, but this is where I am at so far (and why I have been so quiet)

On a ultra cheerful endnote - Hans booked his flight today! (WOOHOO) He is arriving in Bergen on 18th December. That is a day earlier than expected so he has cut my countdown down by a day :) So today it is 39 days instead of 40 until we are together again. I really can't wait - we have been invited to go and visit Maria and her family (in fact she said they would come and kidnap us if we didn't go!) so I really can't wait for that weekend - it will be amazing. I will finally be able to be 100% happy being with friends in beautiful places, but with Hans.

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