Monday, 2 June 2014

No joy so far... and possible re-homing

So, we are still trying hard and doing what we can, but it's looking highly unlikely that we can't take our bunnies along to Norway. It's been a very stressful and upsetting week. Lots of tears.

We've been given the run-around really with Mattilsynet, sent from pillar to post and not being given the right information. I understand people are busy and this isn't their priority, but for us it really is. It's just such a shame that doing the right thing and getting the bunnies vaccinated against Myxomatosis and RVHD has ended up meaning we can't take them.

We are trying one last time for the dispensation, but as Hans is leaving Friday and our car is being as sold soon as possible, we have had to just grit our teeth and try to find them a new home. There is a group we have followed for a while on Facebook for a re-homing place called Cuddly Critters Small Animal Rehoming, we've always been impressed with the work they do so gave them a call this morning. It was a bit embarrassing, crying and blubbering away on the phone, but the lady was very nice and we are taking the buns on Wednesday (unless we have some good news from Norway tomorrow). Cuddly Critters are a not-for profit, home-run sanctuary and have a no kill policy for healthy animals, so if we can't take the buns and give them the life they deserve, at least they have a very good chance with Cuddly Critters.

I'm still confused as to why it's such a problem. Apparantly Norway doesn't really have a wild rabbit population, and they do not have Myxo or RVHD, but the fact that they're indoor bunnies and vaccinated surely isn't a problem? I don't understand.

Also, apparantly rabbits are classed as commercial import, not a pet like dogs, cats or ferrets, so maybe this has something to do with it.

Big sigh... Will update when I know more, we have so much to do and this is hanging over our heads and  we're not really getting sorted. At least I have this week off work, I hope things start to get a bit easier.

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