Friday, 6 June 2014

Well that was difficult...

Hans just left for the airport, it's ridiculously sad. I managed to hold back the tears until the taxi drove away, got that weird feeling you get when you try not to cry - like you have been punched in the throat. I know it's only a couple of months until I see him again, and this will all be worthwhile, but man... this isn't fun. It's all the little things now;  the half-finished drink Hans has left on the side in the kitchen; I can still smell his aftershave, and oh of course there's a pair of scrunched-up socks on the floor. Normally that's not nice but today it's the saddest ball of socks ever. Jesus. Pull it together Becky! Hans was sad too, and it's hard to see him like that. Miss him so much already. Thank you Hans for doing this, I know it's been a very hard decision and a tough time for you, I'm looking forward to the life we'll build together in Norway.

Hans waiting for the taxi at 6.30 this morning. Bye angel, see you soon x
We also waved goodbye to the car yesterday - my first one since passing my test!
This has been a pretty draining week. It just happens that so many things need to be done at once; trying to sort the bunnies, packing, selling the car, recycling, charity shop trips, closing down accounts and putting others in my name, Hans going... I've been off work to knuckle down and get this all done, we've been working long into the night for the last 5 nights, going to bed on average at  3am and getting up at 7am. Last night we pulled an all-nighter to get things ready for Hans' departure. So very tired, I shall now go to bed for 4 hours or so - get up at 11 and get the packing inventory sent to the shippers.

Just had to post this, to take my mind of the sadness really. Will be back with more updates soon.

I'm really sad :(
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