Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Lost contact! Oh no...

For 2 days now, Hans has been without internet access at home - which means I haven't spoken to him or seen him since Sunday night! I know that won't seem like a long time to some people but it's horrible for me - the highlight of every day is our little chats before I go to bed. It is so therapeutic to just tell him how my day has been, and show him the work I have done - and most importantly just talk about normal every day things and for that short amount of time I am almost sitting in our lounge and talking to him like nothing is out of the oridinary. I really miss it and I just can't relax!

On a brighter note, it is 3 weeks today (well, yesterday looking at the time) until I go home for a holiday and I am looking forward to it like you wouldn't beleive! I have decided the night I get back I am going to have a portion of 'Georges Tradition' fish and chips with mushy peas and their home-made tartar sauce (my favourite naughty treat) The Georges Tradition at Park Farm does the best chippie chips in Allestree (my favourite ever actually) so I recommend them highly... I am hoping they read this blog, recognise me from my profile picture and give me free chips forever now. Yeah right!

It will be lovely though (the visit in general, not just the fish and chips) my friends Phil and Hannah are picking me up from Gatwick, bless them - and I am really looking forward to seeing them. Then there are a few friends and family members I am planning to meet for coffees and lunches as well as spend LOTS of time with Hans, and also just some free time at home alone! I just want my home and my bed, and my shower and washing machine! Not to mention the TV... early morning dossing and Jeremy Kyle here I come!

I am also planning to take a trip to Uncle Andy's and say my farewells to little Junior. I still don't want to talk much about it because it still hasn't hit me properly (I am not sure it will until I go home and realise he's not there anymore) but by all accounts he had a nice little burial in the garden at Uncle Andys, by a holly bush. Nicely symbolic as it is an evergreen.

hmmmm, poor little guy.

Anyway - annoyingly I STILL haven't had my grant through from the Erasmus Fund - at this rate I will just be getting it as I go home! It's so annoying really I have been here almost 2 months, and within the next week or 2 I have to pay the next lot of rent and I have just had to fork out for the monthly bus card and £75 for the gym membership. I couldn't hold off any longer with that as it wouldn't have been worth buying - but now I am wondering if I did the right thing - maybe I should have just stuck to mountain walking and going for the odd run - it would certainly have been cheaper... oh we'll see - I can't talk about that anymore it's stressing me out!

I found out from some friends back home that one of our lectures is 5:00-8:00pm! I am glad I am missing that one! Actually though, I don't think they are in university at all that day previous to the late lecture so it wouldn't be so bad...

Wow, I am really waffling I must be tired!

Anyway, a few more pictures of this beautiful place to leave you with - the compositions is rubbish as I was trying to catch up with people who kept walking off when I tried to take them!

A gorgeous little church close by Fantoft - at some point I will put up pictures of the grounds around it - it really reminded me of England (in the bestest of ways!)

Just a pretty little tree - Autumn is descending fast here (my joint favourite season - can't pick between Autumn and Winter!) Everywhere is beginning to look even more beautiful!

The famous 'Bergen Rain' I kept hearing about is finally here after 6 weeks of nasty heat (or as most would say glorious weather) But, if you are going to be in the rain anywhere in the world then this is the best place - it still looks stunning - and the rain clouds feel so low down when they cover the tops of the mountains... it's really beautiful.


ps - fix the internets for Hans please someone? Google? Bill Gates? Andy? anyone?
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