Thursday, 2 October 2008

Work for Spans Stitches

The last couple of days (on top of everything else) I have been working on some 'emergency' business cards for my friend Hannah; she has not long set up shop, selling her wares on - as I have mentioned before she makes really beautiful handmade accessories such as bags, doorstops, stress heat pack things (?) I don't know what they're called!

Anyway, she had the opportunity to send some business cards and samples to London I think, and as she has only just set up she didn't have cards, or even a logo really - so I helped her out;

This is the logo, and the business cards which I think work really well for what she needs; an accessible, warm and handmade look.

I found a really excellent tutorial which gave me some great ideas for the stitch effect on the logo too, so all in all I was please with how a full days work turned out - and more to the point, Hannah is chuffed to bits :)
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