Monday, 8 December 2008

Last Project

I can't quite get my head around the fact that in 2 weeks I will no longer be in Bergen! I will still be in Norway, visiting Hans' family for Christmas and then finally back in England late on 30th December... it's a strange feeling, it feels like such a short time away yet it also feels like ages! Apparently its already so snowy and christmassy in Kirkenær so it should be lovely... I am a bit stressed at the thought of dragging my luggage around norway for a couple of weeks, but I guess that's minor details!

I will really miss Bergen, of course - but I am SO looking forward to going home and being back with Hans... and having a well needed rest. I think most of all I will miss the friends I have made her, but I definately intend to keep in contact with them so it's a good thing!

Anyway, its my final project in school (which feels so weird as I have handed in my portfolio now) The aim of the project is to design a web based solution for the magazine I created in my last project (a magazine called 'female fighter' and aimed primarily at women)

Part of the project is to keep a blog detailing our progress, so for those of you who are interested to see how it is going, the link to female fighter is on the right. You never know I might even keep it going afterwards, seeing as it's a hobby of mine anyway... we'll see how it develops.

I think this blog will keep on after I have arrived home too, but it will be more focussed on learning the norwegian language and any other Norway related business. I have an idea in mind after a funny conversation I had with some friends today so we'll see... and of course I will still post beautiful pictures from all my visits here. I am looking forward to posting ones after Christmas too!

Anyway, waffly random post there... I have not posted for a bit as I have been so busy with my portfolio and (literally) not left the room for 2 days at a time so there has not been much to post about. I'll try and be better but I think the next 2 weeks will be busy and go so fast...

Best thing though, there are only 10 more sleeps til Hans gets here (can't wait!!!)

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