Wednesday, 10 December 2008


Guess how I am feeling? Restless.

I am struggling to focus on this last project, I think I am getting excited about Christmas and being back with Hans and just having a break. There are a few people I will really miss though when I leave here, so it will be sad too. Who would have thought!

I keep looking at the pictures of Kirkenær, I don't have many on my laptop though - i have hundreds at home. This is the driveway towards Hans' mums house which you can just see at the back of the picture. I love this photo, and it wasn't even particularly snowy that year - apparantly there is loooooads of snow this year.

I love this one too; it's a tree in the garden... it hadn't snowed yet but it had been so cold for days that a layer of frost had built up over everything - it was really beautiful in its own way. The grass and all the little twigs on the trees looked amazing!

I am looking forward to writing a good post after Christmas and putting up photos of what goes on - it's so beautiful there I can't describe it and its very cosy. It will be a nice thing to share. I think after being away for so long this Christmas will be great... just wish now that the uni term was done and I could spend my last few days in Bergen actually enjoying Bergen!

I am going to see Maria and her family tomorrow for lunch. She has so kindly offered to turn up some jeans I bought (I feel so bad for buying them but they are so nice) but anyway its a good excuse to go and say hi to everyone. Then this weekend I think there is an end of semester/xmas party at the school so I'll be going ot that with Maria and Anita, then Sunday (recover) and then go and say my goodbyes to Ida and her family. Then after that there are only 6 days left in Bergen and 5 of them will be full time working on my last project! (including another presentation, grrrrr!)

Anyway, going to do a little bit more work. Try at least. Might pack some more :)
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