Monday, 22 September 2008


After a discussion with Hans tonight we decided it would make more sense to visit myself rather than he coming here - IF I could find a cheap flight...

The advantages are I could stay for longer, I could see friends and family, I can see the hamsters, Hans wont have to book as much time off work, I get to chill out at home for a bit - WOW I am SO happy :-)

Anyway - I looked at flights as soon as I got off the phone (at the same time talking to Hannah on MSN) and I found some really cheap ones (£100 return!) The only problem was they flew to Gatwick which would have meant alot extra hassle travelling and also alot more expense - Hannah asked me what date it was and then her and her husband Phil offered to come and collect me! they are such good friends thank you so much!!!!! xxx

So for the fist time ever I booked my own flight and am planning to travel alone (first time for everything) I'm not worried though it'll be so worth it! So it's Tuesday 21st October I am back, leaving again on 31st so 10 days with my sweet angel and i get to see my nearest and dearest too :-) Also I think as afterwards there will only be 6 weeks left of this exchange so I will quite look forward to coming back (as I know already I will miss the place and the people)

I called Hans AFTER I had booked the flight to surprise him with the great news - he was a bit shocked that I had actually booked it I think, but really happy to and excited - then as an afterthought (but almost one of the first ones) he asked if I could make him his favourite mexican lasagne! Ha ha thant's my Hans - of course I will, I need to make sure my cooking skills are kept up to scratch.

Well this will answer my earlier problem, hopefully. I think apart from the usual stresses of daily life my extreme mood swings will be over as the biggest problem is when it felt like 3 longs months away, not a few short weeks. And now I have something almost directly in the middle I can look forward too!

I have marked it on my countdown calendar in a different colour - WOW, 28 days to go. I am so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!

xxx I love everyone xxx
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