Friday, 26 September 2008

Something for the weekend... (25 days)!!!

Ok, so - after experiencing mild panic at having to produce this short animated clip in After Effects (without having used it before and going through the basics in a different language!!!) I am starting to feel much better about it because I have finally decided on my idea. I have included it below on a slideshow this time as it will hopefully give you a better idea on what I am aiming for in the final piece - remember though that these are mockups - some example photographs I have taken. For the actual stickmen I sketched them on layout paper (which took a surprisingly long time for saying they are stickmen), scanned them into Photoshop and made each one into a brush (so I have them on there to play around with now) so there is still alot of work to do!

The brief is to create an animated movie, 7 or 8 seconds long. Now, a leading Norwegian TV Station are involved with this, and if they like the movies they will be broadcast on national TV - the style of the TV channel reminds me of E4 in England (similar programmes and target audience)and they wanted kind of surprising or silly humour that would appeal to most people watching the channel.

Anyway, it's pretty self explanatory - and like I said this is an example - there is alot more to do.

The basic idea is a cosy, nicely lit shot of a desk and it pans in to focus on this notebook with doodles on - when it gets reall close they interact with each other (to put it nicely) Any comments or opinions on this idea would be most welcome!

I haven't posted much this week purely because I have been busy with this and other work, and I think I am going to be horribly busy until I come and visit! It's Friday night now, and I have't got too much planned for the weekend apart from work, hopefully going to the gym tomorrow, and hopefully seeing the 2 friends who live in this complex on Sunday.

On a side note, I was just beginning to come round to the cost of things here - I was thinking to myself something along the lines of 'hmm, actually if you know where to shop the prices aren't that much worse - you just have to be a bit clever about it!'
.....and then I went to pick up a tin of Heinz baked beans as I had a bit of a craving and they cost me £1.63. I wouldn't have bought them if I wasn't craving them so much!
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