Wednesday, 24 September 2008

The After Effects of After Effects (27/87 days)

I have been very tired this week to the point that I spoke to my tutor about it at the KHiB (Kunsthøgskolen i Bergen) The last 3 nights now I have gone to bed pretty early (for me) usually around 11:15 - 11:30, and just lying there unable to sleep until around 3:00am. It is making me pretty tired to say the least (and it happened a bit last week too which I think is the reason I slept so long at the weekend) The weird thing is I feel really tired until I actually get into bed - and then WHAM - I am awake.

Its more annoying then anything - if it carried on a few more days I will have to try and find a doctor.

Anyway, I am not going to write about my school project right now (the task is to create a short animation in After Effects) and I am still researching and working my way through tutorials as I have never used the programme before (and I really want to learn it - the things you can do are amazing!) When I have some good solid ideas I will start writing about them but for now a big resounding "NO, not yet!"

Anyway - I am still really happy to be going home for a visit - already I have lots of arrangements so think I will be pretty busy - I am going to try not to make too many more though as I want to spend time with Hans (which is after all, my main reason for going home) It will be lovely to see others though - its actually helped me to have 2 dates on my calendar which I am focussing on (partly because my brain doesn't know which one to dwell on) though I guess it makes sense to just count down to the closest one for now!

My calendar - this is on the wall by my bed, and crossing the days
off is the last thing I do every night before I sleep;
the last thing I look at before the lights go out

I finally managed to speak to my tutor today about going home too, at first she looked a bit worried (yikes) but then we discussed the work I have doing outside of school for the PA Team and my brother Ryan (the RYCONS as I have dubbed them) and she said that it would be more than adequate for me to submit that work as an alternative 'module' for the 2 weeks I will miss.

On a different note, I have been a bit fed up with myself lately as I can't put my hand on my heart and say I have properly studied Norwegian since I have been here (apart from listening to it ALL day and speaking it more and more) Yes, I KNOW that accounts for something, but I just think (and Hans agrees) that if I study aswell, I will improve even faster. Hans suggested that I go to bed 15 mitues earlier each night and read my Norwegian course book - so now I feel more like I have been 'told' what to do then I will do it - I started last night in fact; Sue og Arne reiste til Oslo (to celebrate New Years together) I will try harder - I only have 3 months left so I have to really get stuck in now.

Oh and a nice image to leave you with;

This is another 'dirt' picture from my room - it is the window (the outside obviously - I have cleaned inside) It is going to take alot of cleaning if and when they finally get around to it, this is one of 3 windows in my apartment - and there are about 1300 apartments here at Fantoft...

Anyway - as promised early night - study Norwegian and continue with the really good (but harsh) book that Hannah sent me!

Goodnight xxx

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