Wednesday, 17 September 2008

94 days... FILTHY!!!! Arrrggghhh!!!!

Still in a bad mood, very low - so not much of a post again i'm afraid ('hooray', I hear you cry) I am going back to uni tomorrow, I feel better enough. So bored again today that I decided to have a real go at the cleaning in the kitchen (3rd time lucky)

Just as proof as to why I have been whinging about the state of the apartment so much, see pictures below;

This is the bucket of water after I had cleaned the front of
all the wooden doors in the kitchen

This is the gap between the kitchen counter and the cupboard -
years of grim, grease and food in there :(

This is the light above the kitchen counter -
it is just baked on grime I have tried cleaning it twice

After I moved the blue cushion this is what i found in the handle of the bench -
click to enlarge (note the nail clippings)

I read the contract and it says that the cleaning department are supposed to make sure its suitably clean before the next tenant moves in... I might complain. I have cleaned most of it now but thats not the point.

Anyway, I have made the concious decision that I will try and be more positive tomorrow - I know the happier I am the faster it will go and the more I will enjoy it anyway. I will try, I have just been ill and had a tough few days - it will get better! The school is great and the people on my course are really nice, I have made some lovely friends... it could be so much worse than it is! There is just one, big thing missing (clue: its shaped like a Hans) Ha ha ha.


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