Tuesday, 16 September 2008

BORED & SICK! (95 days)

I have been bored stupid today; I wasn't feeling particularly great last night and woke up this morning to a horrible headache and sore throat. I thought I might have just had a bit of 'morning grogginess' so I had a shower and stuff, but that only seemed to make my headache worse!

So I decided to stay home today and I didn't go to school; after I had emailed a couple of people to tell them I wasn't coming in I went back to bed and fell straight to sleep again - then at around 11:00 I was rudely awoken by the alarm they sound before they make an 'explosion' in the tunnel (I don't know if I have mentioned before but they are building a metro system and the tunnel they are blasting through the rock happens to be right outside my apartment) I had to dive out of bed and shut the window and then dive back into bed and pull the pillow over my ears - it's horrible! So loud that it hurts your ears but it's not really the sound it's the blast - you can actually feel the force of it through the walls and windows and everything. Anyway, it was the worst one by far today, the whole room shook like I was in an earthquake and the blast was huge! It was really scary to feel the floor shaking to and fro! I am surprised this Fantoft hasn't collapsed or something :)

Like I said before, the apartment is bearable but really not very nice and Fantoft as an apartment complex is awful! It's pretty depressing coming here everyday and thinking of my cosy flat with Hans back in Derby - but at the same time I think I will find it funny later on when I look back at this - it's like going to stay at Guest House Paradiso or something! As well as the manky, 40 year old rooms and ridiculously small kitchens you have a laundrette that looks like something from a horror movie and daily explosions to cope with!

Anyway I couldn't get back to sleep after that, so I ate a small lunch and started work on the icons I am doing for my brother Ryan;

Just a few so far - but he wanted a simple and colourful style that was universal for everyone and is happy with these - I have quite a few to do so when I have finished I'll upload them all.

Anyway - my friend is coming over for some well needed cheering up - so just a short one tonight!

Thinking of you all xxx

PS: Hans - the image on the actual photo used in the icons is one of the ones from Finnskogtoppen! How cool is that?
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