Monday, 15 September 2008

96 Days! Reflections and daydreams!

I don't know how to start today, erm...

... Saturday was really nice (after my depressing post I mean!) I met Maria and we walked to Anitas house where we had loads of tacos, beer and wine (Hans generously said he didn't mind me eating tacos bless him - I feel like such a hypocrite!) Later on the other girl from my class came (Kristine) It was really nice actually, and it was good to get to know them all a little better. After we had eaten and had a few drinks we went t out (which was a surprise for me as I had obviously missed that part of the arrangement!) But nevertheless it was a good night... I haven't drank for ages though so I can't remember too much of the club, but I remember enough!

Some pictures of the girls from saturday night

The funniest part about saturday night was getting home (I can't really remember it to be fair) and then sitting at my laptop trying to email people at 3:30 in the morning! I think I emailed my brother a random quote from Flight of The Conchords and then then next thing I knew I woke up at 4:30 at my laptop, with really bad neck ache :-)

Sunday again was really nice - I just recovered... I mean relaxed in the morning, and then in the afternoon 2 friends (other exchange students that live at Fantoft) came over and we ate pasta and LOADS of ice cream.. Nom nom nom. They are both really nice and fun girls (Yvonne and Anne) so it was a laugh - hopefully we are doing it again soon and Yvonne has promised mudcake..nom nom nom....apparantly it goes well with icecream..NOM nom nom....ok, stop drooling Bek!

Sunday night though (last night) I had a pretty bad night sleep; I fell asleep with the lamp on and then woke up around 2 and I didn't have a clue where I was - it really scared me! It must have taken about 6 seconds to remember, then I looked at my phone and saw a picture of Hans and it hit me all over again that he was far away and I was here on my own. It was quite upsetting and I couldn't sleep for a while, and subsequently woke up at 8:45 when I was supposed to be in class at 9:00.. oh dear!

Anyway, today at uni we had a psychologist come in and give a talk (I would have struggled to understand it anyway) but I basically missed most of it due to being late. Anyway - it was about daydreams and the next task has something to do with our daydreams - what do we dream of and what do we want. I THINK the task is that we must now desing a space similar to how we did ast week, but apply it to our dream... I am not really sure I understand but I will give it a go!

I said that my daydream was obvious really - I think alot about being fluent in Norwegian and being able to understand everything that is said to me and to feel like I am really talking to people and letting them know who I am, rather than just struggling through sentences. It made sense I think! I have a few ideas, but I need to have a think about how to move forward with this - I may be working in a group with 2 other girls so we shall see.

I went for a coffee at lunch with Anita, and that was really nice - we managed to talk pretty well together (in English and my bad Norwegian) She seems to understand alot of what I am going through and is very empathetic (as well as being very sweet) so I think I am lucky so far in that everyone I have met is really nice. It could be much worse than it is so I need to keep feeling positive.

When I arrived home, I decided to treat myself to buying dinner from the hot counter in the store so I didnt have to cook (dauphinoise potatoes and a pork chop!) and went to check if I had had any letters - I was IMMENSELY happy to find 2 packages; one from Rob in which he had sent a copy of his favourite poem and some mini pens! Thanks Rob!!! And one from Hannah whch was a really lovely surprise; a relax pack for Bek! It contained a sample olay face mask thing and a really beautiful 'buckwheat cold therapy' pack to put on any aches and pains, and also a matching 'linseed cold therapy eye patch'. I have to stress that my clever mate has handmade these herself and they are beautiful (and in my favourite colour Han Han! thank you!!!) she has recently realised her own talen and has set up shop (online) so if you fancy any beautiful home-made goods take a look on She makes all kinds of things, doorstops, bags etc. She is very talented!

Hannahs gifts - beautifully handmade!

Letter from Rob - thanks Rob :-) ur weekly correspondance is much appreciated!

I also got a book from Hannah on friday so now I happily have something to read (in English!) and I love reading books anyway - they temporarily take you away from everything.

Anyway, I shall leave it at that for now, I am pretty tired and I think I am getting a cold. I feel heady and achy, really hope I don't get one! I dont need that on top of everything else!

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