Monday, 13 October 2008

Almost done! (8 days to go!)

Tomorrow will be exactly a week before I go home to see Hans - I can't wait. I am so lucking forward to a holiday and I really feel like I need one after the last few weeks. Just to sit, relax, spend time with Hans and catch up with friends and family - nothing like it!

I had a word today with both my course tutor for the motion graphics and the head of my year - I explained that I had been ill and gave them a copy of the sick note. They were so sympathetic and I feel tons better now I have gotten it off my chest and explained why I have not been myself lately. They both actually commented that under the circumstances they think I have done really well with the project - especially considering I was working on the Rycon Project at the same time.

Anyway - the animation part is almost finished (I have one or 2 finisheing touches to do) and I also need to add sound now and then I should be there.... I hope.

I wanted to do a bit more with the characters, but I had the issue of time and overcomplicating things so I think it is going to be left how it is - a couple of friends saw it today and laughed so at's doing it's job - making people laugh!

Anyway, another early night for me - still not 100%

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