Saturday, 18 October 2008

Kirkenær (East Norway) øst-Norge

Hmm, I have an engligh laptop so I use the shortcuts to put in the extra Norwegian Letters... don't know how to capitalise them...

on my keyboard they're:
æ = alt + 0230
å = alt + 0229
ø = alt + 0248
just in case anyone wondered :)

Had a few pictures from Kirkenær (Hans' home town) from summer - i am just going to upload them. It's so beautiful there, and he's very lucky to have grown up there. As beautiful as Bergen is, with it's dramatic coastline (and even more dramatic weather) I love the eastern part of Norway even more, the colours are absolutely beautiful throughout the year and then in winter with the snow it's even more stunning. There are rolling fields and lakes, rivers and hills too - and especially from what I have seen around Kirkenær itself it's so quiet and peaceful... I guess the scenery is a little more like the countryside in England - particularly the Lake District - so maybe I love it so much because it's a pleasant blend of home and Norway to me. Also I guess I am biased towards Hans' hometown too :)

One of the views from the porch at the front of Han's mothers house

A look back over where we had just walked - it's the end of
Summer and the fields are full and golden

The man himself - we were on the way back from the 'Health Spa/Badelunsj'
at Finnskogtoppen and stopped here for coffee... he tried to no
avail to teach me how to skim stones!

More pictures above and below of one of our walks along the Rive Glåma

This one particularly reminds me of England...
on a short walk very near Hans' Mothers House

I have not seen South Norway or North Norway yet and have heard good things (I am really keen to see the North, I think maybe that would captivate me the most) I REALLY want to see the Northern Lights, I would be so happy to see them. People have told me that they can sometimes be seen here in Bergen, so maybe I'll be lucky - who knows? I am peeling my eyes since I heard that and will be keeping them peeled until Christmas... it would be annoying if the appear over the period I am home for... but when all is said and done I would rather see Hans!
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