Thursday, 16 October 2008

Finally finished the animation!

This is just a quick post to get the final version of my 8 second After Effects Animation up - I have finally finished this project so hopefully will have a little more time to post properly, I haven't done the last few weeks as I have been so busy (and also unwell, but that too is hopefully sorted)

Anyway - I hope you like the animation. I was a little concerned about it at one point as it just wasn't looking anything like the idea that I had in my head - but as usual (and as Hans has commented before about his own work) it usually looks rubbish right up until the last day or 2! It worked out ok I think!

Thanks to all my friends (and a huge thanks to Hans) for all the support and advice they have given me over this - I have had good feedback from the teacher and classmates, but there is nothing like the brutal honesty of friends :)

Cheers Guys!

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