Saturday, 1 November 2008

A taste of England's countryside (49 days)

So here I am. Back again. It wasn't as hard for me as last time to be honest, although it was still difficult. Leaving Hans was sad. He had to go to work anyway and I was at home alone for a few hours which in a way was nice. I got to potter about the house and pretend for the last time this year (wow that sounds strange) that I didn't have to go anywhere; I was just an everyday woman watching rubbish day time TV and doing some odd jobs.

I had such a nice time at home though. Unfortunately Hans was really sick the last few days I was there so we didn't get to do alot of the things we planned; we were going to drive to Uncle Andy's to say goodbye to little Junior and we had to cancel that, which was sad. We also had to cancel the meal we were planning to go out for the night before I left. The last morning I was home I cooked Hans' favourite meal (Bexican Lasagne) and left it for him as a surprise when he got back from work!

I didn't get to see everybody I would like to have seen, but I did meet up with a few friends and some family. It was so good to see everyone again. We met up with my brother and his family and went for a walk in Cromford - I managed to get some photos of the English Countryside at (in my opinion) it's best; A sunny, crisp, Autumn day...

I really like the pictures - they are a lovely memory for me to bring back here. England can be as beautiful as Norway in it's own way. I really love the picture of Hans and Abbie (my little neice) it's so gorgeous!

Anyway, it feels a little like I have recharged my batteries. I found myself sad to be leaving Hans but happy to go back to Norway (although, I kept wishing I were travelling to East Norway - my heart is there I think - more so than the West) Maybe because it's where Hans is from so it feels more like home, and as I have said before it even looks kind of similar to England. Whatever the reason, I love it there. It is 49 days until I finish my course and see Hans - then he will come here to Bergen (hopefully I will get the chance to introduce him to some of the friends I have made here) and then we shall travel to his little town, see his family and spend Christmas together - I can't wait. 49 days.

Thanks Hans for such a lovely time at home - I really miss you! Thanks to all my friends and family too, and a big thanks to Phil and Hannah for picking me up from Gatwick, and also to Uncle Andy for driving me back there. You all made it so easy for me to come home.

I love you, Hans!
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