Friday, 21 November 2008

The first snow

I just had the best gym session EVER! I have been working on my new project at home and the last 2 days have probably worked 12-14 hours straight per day (with obvious food / coffee breaks) So that also means I have been to the gym quite alot - i love training anyway as most of my bored to death friends can confirm, but when you are sitting in front of a screen working so much its such a stress relief to have a break and go to the gym for an hour; you burn your energy, feel rested in an odd way and streeetch!!! Today anyway I went to the gym and it was all the things that make it a perfect session (to me)
  1. hardly anyone there
  2. had a great workout
  3. snow was gently falling the whole time so it looked pretty out of the windows
  4. they played Lord of The Rings; The Two Towers soundtrack - AMAZING
(People who know me would know how awesome I would find it to be working out whilst Lord of The Rings is on - plus it includes one of the songs I have secretly reserved for our wedding)

WEDDING SONG: (acually I just previewed this post and its really nice to look at the snow pictures below whilst the song is playing - go on indulge yourself)

I dont know what Hans will make of this, but I wants it precious! Man I am such a geek. So, now I have decided to watch Lord of the Rings again even though it was only 6 weeks ago I have watched it) I must have seen each of those movies now about 15 times?! The Felowship of The Ring is on pause as I write this... sad? no I don't think so.

Anyway, the last couple of days have been pretty nice - wednesday evening 2 friends came over - one had made a cake and the other came with wine - it was kind of a belated birthday thing and also just a general catch up, but it was really nice and good to have a laugh.

It has also been snowing!!! almost constantly for 2 days now, at first I didnt think it would settle as its so wet here in Bergen - but it has, and I am pleasantly surprised because everyone said it didnt snow here. Maybe it will go pretty fast but for now anyway it's really pretty.

The night it first started to settle - just my solitary footprints

The scene I woke up to from my window this morning

The mountain in the distance (Løvstakken I think)
everywhere looks so pretty

The fluffy snow looks so nice on the bushes

It is still snowing now so I hope it lasts a few more days. Everyone seems a little more smiley in general and whilst I work it's lovely to hear the children playing outside (not my children by the way, I havent been hiding anything)

I have also decided now that as there are only 27 days to go until I see Hans and also that I was 27 at the weekend I shall try to write '27 things I miss about Hans' One a day - It should help me deal with my excitement! They might not always be the obvious things, sometimes its peoples' little quirks that you really miss when you are apart... we shall see!
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