Monday, 17 November 2008

Norwegian Hospitality (Part 2)

I had another lovely weekend here in Bergen!

It was my birthday yesterday - 27! I was a little nervous about it actually as I am away from Hans, home and family, but Saturday night I had arranged to visit Maria's again...

It was a REALLY lovely evening as usual, with the usual gathering; Maria and her family and neighbours and also another couple of friends from school. Marias boyfriend Jan Ove made home made burgers with 'elg kjøtt' (Elk (moose) meat) and they were seriously the bestest burgers I have had in my whole life! there was home made fries and chilli relish and a few bottles of wine.

As before, the preparing of the meal was as relevant to the evening as everyone sitting down to enjoy it - everyone was taking part and lending a hand; Anita and Kim cutting the fries, Maria and I chopping onions and tomatoes! Very cosy. I was kindly surprised with a couple of gifts throughout the night too - some bodyshop cream and lipgloss, a book too!

Later after the meal I was totally surprised again with a birthday cake and the Norwegian Birthday song (I have no idea how it went though!) it was really very sweet of everyone! I really missed not having Hans there but nevertheless my friend here made it a great night for me!

I also had some really lovely birthday messages from friends and family - and a lovely necklace from Hans' cousin and a cooking apron with 'elg' (moose) on it from Hans mum! So all in all it's been lovely - thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes and kindness!!!

My lovely cake!

A little shy and overwhelmed at such kindness!

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