Saturday, 22 November 2008

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

I have been awake since 8:00am today (which is impressive since I finally slept at 03:30am this morning) I haven't done any work yet - I just couldn't!

The snow has continued to fall here in Bergen and it is just beautiful, so I couldn't help myself - I pulled on my thermals, charged my camera and waited for the sun to come out. It was lovely to spend a couple of hours out walking in the beautiful Norwegian nature, in what is (in my opinion) it's most impressive guise; winter.

It really is gorgeous and the camera didn't do it justice, but it really relaxed me to be outside - after the battery died on my camera i was finding excuses to stay out a little longer! As I have said many times - I love winter. And the snow was so soft and fluffy - like powder! not like the brown slush I am used to in the city back home in England.

I went walking up to the Stav Kirke I visited earlier in the year - there were a few locals around walking their dogs but surprisingly hardly anyone else - yet there are SO many people living here at Fantoft and the Kirke is so near and it really was a good walk - on my way there and back I saw plenty of people taking pictures AT Fantoft - but I don't get it, there may be snow yes but its on ugly buildings and a building site! If they walked 10 or 15 minutes up the road (if that) they would see beautiful scenery...

I guess snow is snow - on my way out a woman stopped me and asked me in very broken English to 'PLEASE take a photo of her in the white snow'. She didn't care that behind her there was a metal fence and cranes and mud - she only saw snow! It made me smile - I thought to myself afterwards maybe she has hardly ever seen snow before? Maybe even never? There are so many people out, all laughing, building snowmen, it's pleasant to watch.

Anyway, a few of my favourite photos of my walk. They are really worth a closer look so click on them to see a full size image;

The Stav Kirke in all it's glory

So pretty covered in snow

The snow was half way up my shins!

Beautiful Winter Scene

Snow on the mossy rocks

Winter Trees

The last remnants of autumn

Its like a christmas card

I was missing Hans on my walk anyway, but
this tree carving made me miss him more!
'elsker deg' means 'love you' in Norwegian

Finally, I just loved these tiny and cute bird prints!

I hope you get some pleasure out of the pictures and they show you some more of Norways' perfect beauty... well, I really should get back to work!

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