Wednesday, 5 November 2008

It's good to have great friends...

Especially old friends that you have had for years! Friendships are like alot of things - they come and go sadly, but there are always 1 or 2 people you hope to know for your whole life - I am working away right now and trying to write my 'oppgave' (it's sort of like a statement to justify my work) For a moments respite, I wrote to Hannah on MSN and the conversation made me laugh out loud to myself so I had to share it;

ME: "i cant believe i am writing about ecological gardening in norway in the 1980s! If you told me that 6 years ago I would have handed you another hallucinogenic cocktail"
HANNAH: "mate, i'm crocheting a pair of 1980's legwarmers with some foul green yarn someone has given me - for my sister, and yes she will wear them"
ME: "What happened to us?!"
HANNAH "I know!!"
ME: "...those funky rock chicks drinking black russians; me jumping around to Fear Factory - you prancing about to Guns'N'Roses..."
HANNAH: "I think I would still do that now!"
ME: "Me too... would take a couple of black russians though - and a hallucinogenic cocktail"
HANNAH: "I banned Phil from making cocktails after he made a foul one one new years eve with a pickled onion in it - made him sick all the next day, i'd never known him to be sick with a hangover before..."

Ha ha! the good old days - in all serious though, it's great to reminicse; as well as making you smile it makes you realise just how far you have come - even if you are not exactly where you want to be right now (or more to the point, not with who you want to be with)

Thanks for all the good times, Hannah and Phil - we had such a laugh!

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