Wednesday, 5 November 2008

New day, New Course... 45 days

Oh well, It's a new day!

I have started back at the school now, and we are embarking on an interesting project; to re-design a book. I have chosen 'økologisk hagebruk'. Cant be bothered to talk about it now but I am sure I will update as soon as I have some ideas!

I got to school early to day (amazing for me) about 8:40 i think - i was under the impression that we started at 9:00 (as per usual) but apparantly my Norwegian skills aren't sharp enough yet to pick up 'dear students - due to the American Presidential Election, come in at 10:00 tomorrow'. Could have had a lie in.

Anyway, there was no-one else around so I wandered off around the school and took a couple of pictures of the place, it's a beautiful old builing - sure a little messy at times but hey! it's an art school! I am sure I will want to look back and remember the school too, as knowing my memory I wil start to forget around...hmm January 10th 2009!#

Pretty stained glass windows feature in the main stairway

About to go up the stairs!

The awesome view down the stairs!

View towards the town from the front windows

The view from the back of the school - the houses nestled
on the bottom of the mountain slopes. Beautiful.

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