Thursday, 28 August 2008

Bad belly, boxing and looking forward to the weekend...

After having such a good day yesterday, the evening ended on a pretty miserable note, but I wont go into it! I went to bed pretty early though - tried to study my Norwegian for a while but was too sad and just fell asleep :-(

Anyway, not much to report today, I went to a presentation thing at the uni this morning and then had to come home about 11 as I had REALLY bad stomach ache... I went back to bed for a bid but didn't sleep, just had some painkillers and felt all sorry for myself all cuddled up! wished I had a water bottle or something :-( Anyway, I started to feel a little better so sat on the laptop and carried on working on the design stuff I am doing for my friends. I have nearly finished a few mockups so once they have seen them I shall put them up on the blog. Might as well get a bit of work up there!

I did meet Ida to go and check out the Thai Boxing, my stomach still hurt but I cancelled meeting her on Tuesday and didn't want to cancel again - it actually looks quite good. I spent a while talking to one of the girls who has trained there for the longest - she has also had a couple of Thai fights over in England so we had something in common! She was really nice and very friendly and we had a good chat; I am going again on Tuesday for a free session. If I take it up I will hopefully train straight boxing twice a week, and Thai Boxing 3-4 times. It's actually pretty cheap (especially for Norway) If you are a student you pay 350kr (approx £35) per month and you can train as much as you like (thats the same as I used to pay in Derby, before you had to sell a kidney to be able to afford to train there!) I'm hoping the class goes well, as I would really like to take it up again and hopefully I can get another fight in when I come home. I would have trained to fight here but a) I probably wont be here long enough and b) you can't fight in Norway - it's illegal! So I'll be there Tuesday, and Ida is coming along - I hope she likes it.

Well thats about all I have for today - I probably wont post again until the weeken as I'm not doing anything special tomorrow in the day, and then tomorrow evening I am going to a welcome party for the Graphic Design students. I spoke to Hans briefly today, he has gone to visit Uncle Andy - but hopefully we can chat qickly to say goodnight again later...

Oh, I did get a reply from the 'buddy Bergen' program thing that I signed up for; a girl called Line Elise. She is younger than me (only 18) but we chatted for a bit on MSN and she sounded really lovely - very bubbly and friendly! I may meet her for a coffee on Saturday so if I do I'll post about how it goes. I am going to take my profile off the other things I registered on now though - a couple of websites for 'guides' and 'friends' but they seem kind of dodgy! I had a few emails and comments from really random people (not even in Norway...or even England!) requesting to be my 'friend', but I didn't even bother answering them. I think I was probably just being a bit naive about the majority of people actually signed up to 'meet new friends' websites!

Oh well, lesson learned!

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