Monday, 25 August 2008

'First' day at school...

Well it was my first day at the new school today, but it technically isn't because I wont be working this week - it's like an introductory meeting week; there is so much information to take in, I don't know what I am doing right now! It is really exhausting just sitting and listening (expecially when 90% of it is in another language!) I really notice such a uge difference listening to students and teachers from Oslo - or English people that could speak Norwegian - they were far easier to understand. I just happen to be in a place with a difficult dialect, but if by the end of 4 months I can scrape by in 'Bergansk', I should be able to manage fine otherwise!

As I said in a previous post, the way the course works is completely different to what I am used to with picking your own courses and everything. On top of that, I was told today I would be working alongside the 3rd year students (which freaked me out a bit as I am a 2nd years student, but then at the same time I thought maybe I would learn loads...) It has it's ups and downs.

Basically, we just met other students and teachers today. I introduced myself (in Norwegian) to a class full of students and teachers, I said (again in Norwegian) that I spoke a little of the language, but badly! That was met with a murmur of disagreement which was really nice, they all seemed to be pretty impressed that I could speak a little anyway!

I also watched a few presentations from other students work from last year - it was really interesting. The reason I like Graphic Design is that most things you do are for a purpose and there is a reason for why it is done, and you can try and think of dualities or new ways to make people think about something - but with specialised or fine art (very generally) it is about personal interpretation and sometimes the meaning can be completely lost on me! That was basically the gist of the presentations, some were really good ones that I related too like typographical exploration, photography projects (and my favourite - a metal band who had written their own song and designed and produced their own video!!!) On the other hand, after some of them I was left thinking something along the lines of; ".................................................................................. WTF???" I wont go into what they were though, as I said it's personal to everyone and each one has validity and a reason behind it. I hope so anyway. Each to his own.

Whatever though, it is a small school - 300 students in total across all of the departments, and it'll be really good to work with so many different styles and hopefully take something very different away from it. Probably one of the worst traits you can have in and art and design area is to be small minded.

I am there pretty early tomorrow too (from what I can gather) to talk to my tutor and be shown how to register for my courses etc, so this post again wont be very detailed. It's getting late, I'm tired and if possible I want to try and glance over the course before tomorrow.

I was really cheered up this evening by some friends, and also 2 of my brothers and my sister in law! It seems there is always someone there (on MSN at least!) who is ready to talk and ask how things are going...thanks guys! My brother Rob discovered how to see me on webcam (even though I couldn't see him) so I spent the night amusing them by pulling funny faces! We also figured out I could sent a voice recording, so I managed to say hi to them too.

I haven't heard from Hans today yet, apart from a text at lunch time. He's been pretty busy I think with training and seeing friends, I hope he calls before I go to bed!

Goodnight xxx
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