Monday, 25 August 2008

Trip to the mountains!

I met Ida (the girl from the party) in town yesterday afternoon, and she took me for a walk into the mountians... (so no, she didn't stand me up!)

I met her about 1 and we went for a coffee while we discussed which route we should take (there are loads of different trails) In the end she decided to take me the longest and toughest route to get the best views (as it was again a really lovely day!) it took us about 10 minutes to walk to the edge of town and then we started to make our way up 'Breistølen'. It didn't look too bad at first, a pretty tame trail, but then it got steeper and steeper - I couldn't take photos it would have been too dangerous to stop and fiddle around in my bag! Anyway, it took around around 50 minutes to get to the top of the mountain, and then we got some amazing photos - it was lovely.

The beginning didn't look so tough!

Amazing views from the top;

We then spent a good few hours walking across the tops of the mountains to another mountain (where again we got some good pics) and I met a troll! On the way, the walk was beautiful - and we came across many lakes at the very top! One of the lakes, called Munkebots (or as I renamed it, cleverly I thought, 'Monkey Bottom') was a beautiful clear lake, which was full of water pure enough to drink. We filled our bottles there and took more photos - I haven't drank mine yet though, I am waiting to hear from Ida today, if she is still alive I will have it!

The beautiful lake at the top - drinking water!

Me and my new best Norwegian friend...

Anyway, after spending a good few hours up the mountain we began the descent, then we stopped at a sushi bar for some noodles (and more coffee) and then I came home.

All in all it was a good day - I still miss Hans - moments like looking down from the mountain top and seeing the bench where we ate our sandwich together made me sad (how pathetic do I sound?!) I don't care though! Of course I miss him, I will the whole time but it's going to be amazing to see him again.

The bittersweet view I saw up there! :-)

It did me so much good to actual get out for the day, spend some time with someone (and she tried hard to speak sometimes in Norwegian to me - and I answered too, which was good - what I wanted!) and just the actual energy I burned really helped too, I was relaxed and tired when I got back, I haven't done any trainng (apart from walking) since I got here and it really makes you worse. I have had it when I have had injuries before - when you stop training suddenly you become depressed as you are losing all the good chemicals you get from training...

Anyway, the evening was nice too; I spoke to Hans for a while on the webcam, and saw a couple of the hamsters too! Its such a nice end to the day to be able to see and speak to Hans, I am really really please I get the chance too.

Anway - this once has been a bit rushed because I'm tired and I am a day behind! I have to write about my first meeting at the school(s) too! See if I get time tonight

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