Tuesday, 26 August 2008

A plan of action!

Spent another weary day today getting tons of info in Norwegian! I was surprised how much of it I got to be honest - not enough to understand everything but enought to get the gist of what was being spoken about, so I could ask questions afterwards! The downside of speaking a little bit of a language is that as soon as people know they start rabbiting on and I get all flustered - but it's not a problem really. They see my eyes widen i think, and then repeat everything in english. Most people are really nice though, and I have noticed that in shops and when you are dealing with people, they tend to be a bit off when you speak in English, but as soon as you try and say something in their language (even if it's just thanks for your help!) most people really brighten up! The other down side to understanding only bits is that you sometimes think you know a fact - I listened to where I had to go next and thought, ok - I'll just go and get my student bus card sorted and then I'll go to the meeting! So I did all that and went to the meeting, and after 10 mintues realised I was actually sitting in furniture design! Duhhh!!!! So then I had to go to a different building and walk into my actual class 15 minutes late!

I went to my school and classroom today - it's pretty small! In the the whole art school there are only 300 pupils - in all years (including masters) so it's not as scary as it could have been I guess! Like I said before I am the only exchange student on my the Visual Communication course, so in a way it will throw me in the deep end, but that will be good for me I think. There are also only 1 or 2 other girls in my class!

Anyway, I spent a little time with two of my tutors afterwards, and we went through the courses I could register on, and I have decided on the following so far;

  • 1 week course in Design Metodikk (design methodoligy) I just need to confirm this with the tutor as it is a week of lectures and tutorials ONLY in Norwegian (and although I don't mind) I would need an english summary!
  • 2 week project in Rom (room or space): studying form, colour and function (and working in collaboration with the furniture and interior designers)
  • 4 week project in Bevegelig Graffik - vignett (motion graphics) - using after effects I think. Should be very intersting. I think we make a 15 minute vignette which will be broadcast... scary
  • 2 week project in Typografi - bokdesign (a Typography project studying book design) I'm really looking forward to this one, I like typography (I'll be designing boker, Hans! ha ha ha!!!)
  • 5 week project in Redaksjonell Design (Editorial design) This again will be really good as I haven't studied this area before and it'll really benefit my work beack home. The forst 3 weeks will be studying the print side of it, and the last 2 weeks studying web.
There is also another 2 week part in the middle called Fellesfaglige prosekter (inter- disciplinary weeks) during which we can register for ANY course on ANY programme (art and design related!) so that will be really interesting and something I wouldn't have had the opportunity to do otherwise. There are no half terms either to my knowledge, so this is a really intensive semester compared to what I am used to!

All in all, today has been ok - one of the best days I have had emotionally since Hans left - I woke up a bit sad again, but not long into the day I got a text from Hans and then later on another one and they cheered me up loads, and I'm really looking forward to speaking to him tonight! Also, Ida - the girl I went to the mountains with on Sunday - has invited me to her house for tea on Thursday which is nice - she is making home made sushi (she loves the stuff, talks about it as much as I talk about coffee)

Oh, COFFEE!!!! I haven't had one since I got in, been writing my blog and talking to my brother Rob (he bought a webcam now YAY!!! I saw Rob and Lorna and 2 of my gorgeous neices!)

Anyway, I am going to get a coffee and wait for Hans to call! Hopefully getting an early night tonight as I am exhausted!


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