Saturday, 13 September 2008

Believe in the Power of One - RIP Evan Tanner

I felt like I just wanted to make my own tribute to Evan Tanner, a great fighter and a great person. He had thousands of friends and fans all over the world and will be really terribly missed by many - for those of you who don't know who he was, just look him up and you will surely gain some inspiration... RIP x

"Now you may ask if I regret it, if I would do it differently if I could, if I would take it back. NOT A CHANCE!!!!! I went for it. I put it all on the line. I always will. I knew what the consequences would be if I failed, and I was willing to accept them. So any of you reading who might be feeling a twinge of sympathy, don't. I made my decisions, and I accept the consequences. I'm no victim. And to those who are thinking about preaching at me, don't bother. I won't hear you. I haven't accomplished anything in this life worth remembering by playing it safe. That's boring to me anyway."

- Evan Tanner '07
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