Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Finally started working...

This week I have actually started to get a bit more hands on with stuff, which has felt good. The course I am doing now is called 'Rom: Space Lab' or something along those lines. It is completely different to anything I have ever done before really - maybe I would have worked similarly if I had done the art foundation year of my degree? Who knows?!

Anyway, I have found (most) of it pretty interesting so far; yesterday was a day long seminar - some of which I found very interesting and inspiring, and some of which went over my head or just didn't interest me I suppose.

Today, we began talking about space, and how light affects space - we were shown some great examples of work by artists such as 'Metzer' and 'Turrell', and we were given 2 opportunities today to think about how we can use light as a material within a piece of work... the first task was to make some kind of a structure (individually) using only one piece of card, that somehow utilised the daylight coming into the room, and 'played' with it in a way and turn it into art - I wont go into huge details about any work I do on my blog as it must not be interesting at all for some people! But anyway, below are the 2 structures I made - Columns and Circles;

The point of these was to use the light source in someway, so bearing this is mind I made 2 things that would take advantage of the fact that the light was from the sun and constantly moving - the shadows would move and change shape and in particular, the circles would almost endlessly be manipulated. Obviously ignore the execution of this - I had no ruler and not much time to do this - it was mainly for experimentation purposes.

The second task which I have not completed yet (and much more to my taste) was to think of an experience or memory of your own (preferably that had something to do with space) and recreate it using light and dark and in an abstract way, to express the emotions and retell the story of the experience - this was a little more open and you can make use of other materials if you wish (though mine will be very simple) and I have made it yet as we are continuing tomorrow... I have however done a mock up on Photoshop to get a clearer picture in my head of what I want;

When I make this, the white and black will still be flat I think, and I will try and make the objects casting the shadow in 3d... I will confirm this with the lecturer though as I don't want the shadows to be 'normal' I want them distorted, to better reflect the feel of the experience. All of the elements you see are vital to the meaning; the white, black, shadows, mood, etc... particularly the fact that the white is square (or the square is white)

If anyone reads this before tomorrow and want a guess at what this is feel free to comment (no cheating Rob and Hannah) Though when I put my finished piece up I will offer an explanation!

On a personal note (though just a quick one as I am still not feeling quite myself) I feel a bit better than yesterday, but not quite right still. Of course I am missing Hans, and of course I see the benefits of what I am doing but it is still so damn hard. Thanks for comments again guys, oh, and yes Andy, I have heard about Evan Tanner (for those who don't know, he is a UFC fighter who died at the weekend) it is so very sad and as it is obviously a terrible tragedy it intensifies my feelings in a way, but probably more so as it makes me painfully aware of how precious time is and makes me even more want to be around the people I love.

But on a cheery note, I have been invited to a small party/meal/housewarmingtype thing on Saturday by a couple of the girls from my course, so at least I will have a chance to get to know them better and have plans for the weekend to keep me occupied.

Anyway, off to make a peanut butter sandwich ...had to be frugal with my shopping this evening; I bought a small plastic tub of salad at lunch (which wasn't priced as they go by the weight) and when I got to the till to pay it came to about £7.50!! ouch... poor purse. Paid 2 months rent today too so really feeling the pinch :-(

Much love


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