Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Feedback for 'Rom' assignment (Light and Space)

Well the work I showed on my blog yesterday seemed to go down really well when I presented it today. I was a little worried at first as i was nearly last to show my work and all the others that had been discussed were really really good and alot more 'interactive' than mine. I thought for a while that maybe I had misunderstood the brief! A couple of the other students had really good ideas that appealed to me (particularly as they were things I never would have thought of myself) and I think I'm going to ask if they mind me photographing them for my influences file.

When my turn came though, I explained a little about what it was, and read out a short 'poem' I had written to explain the feelings and the reasons behind it - the feedback I got was that it was a very strong image, and it evoked emotions of fear. They also liked the element of the ropes that I had chosen to represent the story and how I used the shadows to make them distorted and appear as bars. They want me to type up the text I wrote, and put them together as one piece on the wall, so people can look at it - when have done this I will take a photo and add it to the blog. One of the lecturers came up to me afterwards and asked me to keep hold of the piece, as they would like to talk about it further...

Anyway, as promised I will elaborate on what I made! As Andy rightly guessed, it was an abstract depiction of the memory of my first thai boxing fight (well, not the fight in itself, the moments leading up to the fight and the intense emotions involved) This is another pcture of the mock-up - I haven't managed to photograph the fianl piece yet. So here goes, my work as presented today;

"I have waited for this and now I'm here;
but my eyes don't see what you see - my ears don't hear what you hear.

Adrenalin courses through my body and I see only a white square;
everything else is black - the people and their noises disappear
and the only sound is my heart beating.

The bright lights cast shadows and the ropes become bars
- my own, self-made prison
Time stands still as I climb in and I know;
I cannot leave until I have served my sentence"

I keep referring to this in my head as my 'ring piece' I really must stop :-) Think I will just title it - 'self-made prison' or 'my prison' or something like that. Any suggestions on a title, or comments (or even constructive criticisms) on the work will be welcome. Personally, this feels like I am expressing how I felt before my first fight really well - I never felt quite the same the other times. I doubt I will feel the same if and when I fight again. I should also try to say 'competing' as it kind of ruins the mood when the lecturers think you mean your first FIGHT in the street or something :-)

Anyway, I won't say too much more tonight - I will however have a moan about the place I am staying at;

WELL, I had a letter stuck on my door last week to say they that a pest company would be routinely 'bug controlling' my room today(!?) After much deliberation I decided that I would leave my laptop here and just use the security lock Hans bought for it and hide it under stuff. All I knew is they were coming between 9-3pm.

I arrived home from uni at approximately 4:00pm, and to my horror my door was left completely unlocked! I have my laptop in here, art materials, passport etc...I was fuming!!! and to make matters worse I came and looked around inside and a load of toiletries had been knocked off my bathroom shelf and left lying on the floor! I was asked to remove the bed covers and nothing else so I don't know what business they had in the bathroom anyway! I was so mad about this and have written an email to complain - I will let you know what I hear... I am getting really fed up with this place (as in Fantoft, not Bergen) my stay here would be much easier if I had a nicer home to stay in :-(

Anyway, lastly I want to mention that our eldest hamster Junior has been poorly and not himself the last few days. I am not going to go into it because it's pretty personal and not really anything to do with the exchange - but at the same time this is supposed to be an honest blog about how I feel and so I'm mentioning it because obviously it's really sad. I can't be there obviously, so kisses to little Junior


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