Thursday, 11 September 2008

Space, light and black eyes - 100 DAYS TO GO

100 days to go to the end of my course here! (you know the calendar I made on which I cross off the days?!) well, last night I crossed off 101, so after tonight we are into the double figures.

Today has been pretty good - after finally getting into work yesterday I was quite looking forward to the next task; we were being put into pairs (although I ended up going in a 3) The task (again something COMPLETELY different to the kind of thing I am used to doing) was to work together to build a scale model of something that represented 'Shelter' in some form... I think that is the general idea anyway, again it is all in Norwegian but I had the advantage today of working with other people :-)

Anyway, after discussion between us we came up with an idea pretty fast - I suggested that I had been thinking of the atmosphere, as that is earths ultimate shelter - without it we wouldn't be here. So taking that idea and blending it with their own thoughts we came up with having shelter in 3 parts (I find this hard to explain, sorry!) Basically though, we wanted to represent the atmosphere (the sky) as the ultimate shelter, a house within it as a man made shelter, and within the house would be the person with their own comforts and private thoughts as we each have, sheltering us from the world......(!?)

Anyway, the 2 people I worked with were people I had not met properly before, and they were both really nice (one is in my class too) and we worked hard, and worked really well together and ended up almost finishing the model (which takes up half a room!) we are not meeting until 10:00 tomorrow instead of the usual 9:00 so I get a lie in too, yay!

Anyway, here are a couple of pics of what we have done so far, to give you a general idea - the material used was very important as we wanted something that would allow the sunlight through, but kind of diffuse the light into the colours at the sametime; we got the effect we wanted and the light felt hazy and comforting, and inside the 'house' where you sit it was very secure.

The hardest part was definately making a structure to build the house!

Starting to cover the 'house' in the white material

The pureness of the material and sunlight in the 'house'

After we had added the 'atmosphere' - almost finished!

So that is what I have been doing today! I am actually really glad I have done this course as it is something I would never have chosen to do normally, and it has made me more aware of space and light and I really think I can apply this to my designs - or at least be able to think about the issues with more understanding.

I am looking forward to the weekend - the party on Friday with the 2 girls from my class should be good, as I said before they are both really nice. I think we are having food and wine and just hanging out... should be good. I need to talk to Hans about it though - I am sure I heard them talking about tacos :-( I made Hans promise that neither of us would eat tacos until we met again - it's our special meal!

Talking of Hans, last Friday he inadvertantly got 'caught' in the eye with Luciens heel when sparring, and over the last 6 days we have been photographing his black eye.. here is the end result!

The first night it wasn't particularly 'black' and you can't tell from the phots properly but it was really swollen, poor thing. He really doesn't mind though, and I know what he means you don't mind injuries from sparring so much it's all part of the sport, but it's not nice seeing someone else with the injuries!

And here is another picture too! I got another letter from Rob today (thanks Wobbie! I love it!) I got an album I have been hassling him about for ages, the soundtrack to one of my favourite fils - 'O Brother Where Art Thou?' and.........some ELF EARS!!! So I have been indulging my inner geek tonight pretending I am an elf from Lord of The Rings (did I really just say that?!) I actually think they really suit my features so next time someone asks me if I would ever have plastic surgery and on which part of my body now I know what to say! I would like to have elf ears - big, pointy ears!!!

Ta ta for now! xxx

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