Monday, 24 November 2008

#4 of '27 things I miss about Hans'

I miss his funny looks!

OK this one needs a little background:
One could (if you were being stereotypical) assume that with Hans being Norwegian, he would have a healthy love of fisk (fish). Well he does not. The poor guys hates it! but bless him he is very health concious and every so often will go out and buy some to try because he knows its very good for him... BUT every time is the same - a torturous meal experience.

Sometimes I ask him (for a joke) if he would like it if I made him some lovely smoked salmon for tea. I really miss the look he gives me - a mixture of contemplation and pure disgust - before settling on his answer; 'NO.' It's funny to me because it seems like every time I ask he forgets he hates it (but knows there is some reason he isn't immediately saying yes) and has to think long and hard about what I just asked him!

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