Monday, 24 November 2008

Coffee after school

One of the nicest times of the day right now is just when it's getting dark - Bergen looks really pretty especially with the snow (although the snow has subsided now, I hope it comes back!)

I went for a coffee and a bite to eat after school with Anita and Maria which was really nice. I love going for coffee anyway but its extra nice when there is snow outside and its getting dark. I cant remember everthing we talked about but we had a laugh too so it was a good end to the day! The cafe was so cosy, and my sandwich was lovely too :) Anyway, got a couple of pics to remember the evening by :)

The tree and lamp post reminded me of the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

Bergen Sentrum looks so pretty at dusk

Maria's yummy looking mocha

Anita chillaxin'

Maria chillaxin'

I shall keep this short and sweet as I am still not feeling well - now I am aching all over (even the back of my hands!) and my chest is sore and my eyes hurt... poor me! I am going to have a hot shower and then some hot chocolate and poached eggs and see if it helps. Fingers crossed!

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