Saturday, 23 August 2008

Tough day - but getting better

I am definately feeling better than I was earlier, but still a bit shaky - thanks especially to Andy, Hannah, Rob and of course Hans for all doing their bit to cheer me up!

Andy sent me an email that was very thoughtful and right on the button with lot of the points he made, Rob reminded me that people back home want me to do as well as I can, and poor Hannah has had me waffling at her on msn just about all day! Thanks guys!!!

Hans came home from training, read my blog post and gave me a call on Skype. Then being his usual sweet and calming self, he proceeded to cheer me up! He reminded me that I would "kick myself up the arse forever" if I gave in now, without even starting my course, and that of course it feels like forever because I am at the wrong end of it. He said if I still felt this bad after a few weeks, then we could talk again about coming home, but I know he beleives in me and knows I'll work really hard and hopefully time will start to pass more quickly. I made a calendar type thing, so I can cross off the days until until I finish here and see him again! I have put it up by my bed and I'll cross off a day every night :-) It might seem something small but it made me feel a little better. After today, 118 days to go.

My homemade calendar above my bed!

I also offered to do some free graphci design for a couple of friends who have started their own business;


(There you go mate, extra advertising!) I thought it would help to keep me busy anyway, and my mind occupied , give me something to focus on until I settle into a routine. Also, it's always nice to help out friends!

The girl I met yesterday messaged me on MSN earlier, we chatted a bit more and weather permitting we will meet tomorrow afternoon in town and take a walk up to the 'Fløibanen' which is just a place at the top of one of the mountains surrounding Bergen, and when you get there you get AMAZING views apparantly. Apparantly there are also alot of trails and tracks leading up to it and it's quite a good walk, so hopefully we can go together (I'll take my camera) and then afterwards we can grab something to eat. I have a bad feeling she'll cancel on me, but maybe not - maybe I'm still being paranoid and feeling sorry for myself!

Apart from that I haven't done much else today - just spent the afternoon and evening pulling myself out of the gutter (where I wasfeeling so miserable)

I was so excited about this trip a few weeks ago - excited and nervous, when will I start enjoying it???


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