Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Arriving and Settlng in Bergen - the first few days

Well, to carry on from the post before my last really sad one!

After we crashed out the first day we arrived, we woke up feeling knackered and with really bad headaches. Both of us were a little uneasy, as we came to realise over night that as well as sharing with a bloke, he also knew the 2 guys in the room opposite and they left the front door open all the time - never locked. They were back and forth between rooms and basically it was like sharing a small flat with 3 guys!

I don't think either of us were comfortable with it; Hans didn't like the idea of me living with 3 guys, particularly as they kept the doors unlocked which was a security hazard, and I didn't feel comfortable sharing a shower with them to be honest. When we went down to the reception to get my internet account sorted, I mentioned it to the receptionist and she was really concerned and really helpful and moved me to a different room - so now I have a single person apartment all to myself! Admittedly, I am going to have to do a bit more cleaning right off the bat - especially in the kitchen. Whoever was here before obviously did nothing but fry stuff, there are little grease blobs everywhere and the kitchen smells really stale. I have been armed with plenty cleaning materials so I shall probably have fun cleaning it. The flat itself is more compact, but cosier - there is more storage and there is alot of wood around which I like - the last room was new and really clinical. As soon as I find my camera charger I'll take some pics and post them...

We went into town (sentrum) after we had sorted the room, I felt a bit sick (and nearly passed out on the bus) as we hadn't really eaten properly the whole day before, and had been running around like mad all morning on an empty stomach too. We got into the town and sat and shared a sandwich on the beautiful park in the centre of the centre! Bergen is basically nestled around a port (which flows in to a fjord) and is completely surrounded by mountains (which Hans explained is why it is such a rainy city)

The mountain view from the park...

After we ate, we took a really lovely walk up to the port, checking out different shops as we went as there were still quite a few bits I needed to buy. Hans suggested we go to the Akvariet (the aquarium) so we started making our way there. The weather every day so far has been amazing - really sunny and warm which apparantly is very lucky for Bergen!

Hans by the port...

Anyway we had a really nice time at the aquarium, they had loads of crocodiles (some huge!) and we watched a funny little show with the sealions while we had coffee and ice cream :-)

Then we took a slow walk back, picked up some bits for the room and started to make our way back to the hostel. (Hans found an 'Outlander' shop - like Games Workshop / Forbidden planet, so got a bit sidetracked and bought some minatures!) The we decided while we were in the centre that we would get food in town - we went to TGI Fridays (I have never been before) yummy burgers!

We got back and Hans set up my internet and webcam and everything, and I set to work on the hob and surrounding area. It was baked on more than I thought so it took me AGES of scrubbing and washing :-( I forgot to buy gloves aswell so my nails pretty much fell off! Had to cut off what was left of them anyway. Hans saw how stressed I was getting with it, and took it upon himself to blitz the shower and toilet and the kitchen floor - it was such a help! Thank you angel!!!

That was pretty much it for that day - we were tired again so just went to sleep.

Hans' last day :-(
Today was Hans' last day here. I couldn't get it off my mind, and got upset whenever I thought about it - I couldn't talk about it to Hans!

We did necessary bits and bobs around the student place, found my post box, bought more cleaning stuff - then we went into town again pretty early. As mentioned in my sad post Hans brought his luggage along with him as he planned to make sure I was sorted in town and then get a taxi to the airport. Anyway, I have told the story before, we ended up coming back here, but we managed to get a few more bits sorted in town and had another nice coffee! Oh, and a nice sandwich at the park again! We tried to register me at the police station but it was only open til 1:00 and we got there a bit after, so i will need to go there later in the week - you need to register if you're staying in the country more than 3 months and get an ID number and everything.

Anyway, you know what happens next - we came back and Hans had to go. I went into it enough earlier I can't go into it again. I was really upset earlier - I am better than I was but I feel exhausted from the strain of it. Really shaky.

I have finished unpacking so now waiting to hear from Hans again before I go to bed, he texted me when he got off the plane and when he got on the train to Derby. So I know he's ok!

I miss you so much sweety!!!

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