Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Saturday 16th August 2008 - Kirkenær

Wow I really waffled yesterday!

We had a really lovely day today! We got our main Christmas present from Hans mum (our present from last year!) It was for a ‘badelunsj’ for 2 at a really nice health centre place. I have been to the area before, it’s called Finnskogen, and the Health Centre was at Finnskogtoppen (basically at the top of this mountain overlooking the lake - the views were amazing) The ‘badelunsj’ itself consisted of Hans and I going to this really lovely wooden building at the top of the mountain, and when we got there we had access all morning to a really lovely swimming pool overlooking the views of the lake and trees, a Jacuzzi, and a sauna. It really was amazing though unfortunately I couldn’t get photos of the pool room - we swam for about half an hour (and mesed about a bit with some underwater sparring!) then we sat in the Jacuzzi for 10 minutes (I had never been in one before - I loved it, but I had no idea the bubbles were so fast!!!) Then we went back into the pool again, swam for a bit more, did some standing arm-bars (!?) and back-flips in the water, then went in the Jacuzzi again for one last time before we went to the changing rooms - there was also a little walkway in the pool room, you walked through one side of freezing, ice cold water that was thigh high, and then back the other side through really hot water! It’s really good for your circulation apparently! So that was the ‘bade’ part finished!

Finnskogtoppen Helsetun...

After we had finished in the pool room, spending about an hour and a half in there, we went back to the changing room - this is where the sauna was. We had a healthy lunch (the lunsj part) waiting for us, so as always after swimming we were really hungry, and it was really nice to to stall a little bit as we had something to look forward to - pleasure delaying! I tried the Sauna, but as with the Jacuzzi I have never been in one before - and as it was in the changing room I was alone and it took me a while to figure out how to use it! I finally got it working, and stayed in there for a while. It was ok, I don’t like being hot so it wasn’t really my thing… but again I took advantage as it’s the first time I had been in one, and I know it’s supposed to be good for you.

Then we met up and went to our ‘healthy lunch’ which was lovely. A really nice selection of food, including chilli, fish, loads of vegetables and potatoes - and free tea and coffee too! It was so nice and relaxing!

After the lunch, we went for a walk around the building and to take a closer look at the amazing views - we managed to get a few nice pictures too!

One of the amazing views from the Spa...

Hans got a nice pic of us...

Then Inger picked us up again, and on the was home we stopped off at a really quiet spot by the lake. She had brought some coffee and biscuits with her so we just sat in the peace and quiet, and Hans tried to teach me to skim stones but I couldn’t manage it! I think one of the things I love about this place is that it’s not just me getting all excited about the views and the outdoors in general - everybody here loves it too - they go walking and bathing and are generally so proud of their land.

Where we sat and had coffee at the lake...

Later was just relaxing, we got back home and sat down for a while, then Hans and I went to his uncles to walk the dog, Fia, as they were all at a party. Fia really didn’t want to walk though, she was really dawdling and lying down in the road - she was really funny! It was really warm, and so quiet - we bought ice cream on the way back! So now we are just chilling out on the sofa, we have eaten loads of spaghetti Bolognese and ice cream, and I have just brewed a pot of coffee… I am trying my hardest to relax, and have a great time tomorrow which is our last day in Kirkenær, and not think about Bergen at all!

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