Thursday, 21 August 2008

Keeping busy

Last night was ok... well actually bits of it were ok, most of it was horrible! I miss Hans so much, but I'll get by. Right now I just want to come home, but I'll stick at it. I would really dissapoint myself if I didn't - plus Hans bought me loads of stuff for my room so it would be a waste of money!

I felt poorly last night, I think it was just the stress (my gums are all sore today!!!) so I went to bed - pretty late - and was up at 7:00 (well, 6:00 to you guys!) cleaning the fridge out - it's like new now! So I just went to the shop, (my first shop alone) to by some stuff to put in it (and more milk as the milk from yesterday went off!) So I have been up 3 hours and just drinking my first coffee now!

I know it sounds pathetic, but the shop made me sad again - because I was just in there yesterday with Hans and he was giving me hints and tips and telling me what everything was... I wish he was here :-( oh well, guess I have to snap out of it. It's weird because I'm not nervous, being in a new place doesn't bother and the city is beautiful, and being on my own isn't a problem, I can keep myself occupied and find things to do - it literally is just missing Hans. He is my other half, and it really feels like something is missing

Oh well, like Hans said yesterday - this will be so good for us. I think we'll miss each other so much and Chrsitmas will just be amazing! I think he is going to try and visit me at least once, but I know it'll be difficult so I'm not going to get my hopes up over it. We'll see.

I found the laundry earlier so later will try my luck at a wash, just bought all of the detergent stuff. I saw a girl in the shop with her dad that I had seen before - I think she moved in the day after us - we saw her in reception and we overheard her dad speaking and he was English, Hans suggested if I see her again I try and talk to her so at least I know one person. So when I saw her in the shop that's what I did! I said hi, and we had a little chat and it turns out she is going to the same art school as me (to do fine art though, not graphic design) so I suggested we meet tomorrow at reception and go to the welcome meeting together. So that'll be a bit less scary for both of us I think! I'm jealous though, her dad is staying with her until Monday - wish Hans was :-( I'm proud of myself for just walking up to someone, but it's what I'll need to do to to make friends. Maybe she just thought I was a desperate weirdo!!!

Anyway, thanks to Ruth and Jo for keeping me talking on msn last night and really taking my mind off things, and to Hannah and Andy for your kind words, and also to everyone who has emailed me! I really needed to not think about stuff last night and it really helped. I guess this blog helps too in a way...

Bye for now!

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